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Home » No guarantees Tyson Fury will fight on Dec 5 as Deontay Wilder digs heels

No guarantees Tyson Fury will fight on Dec 5 as Deontay Wilder digs heels

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Tyson Fury may not be able to fight on December 5th as planned with rival Deontay Wilder digging his heels in over a contracted trilogy.

WBN reported a few days ago through Wilder’s co-manager Shelly Finkel that mediation was underway as stipulated in their agreement.

Fury is obliged to allow Wilder to win back his WBC title after losing back in February via a seventh-round stoppage.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ now wants Fury to return the favor Wilder did on two occasions in the past.

“We all had a contractual agreement. But the date was moved due to the pandemic,” Wilder told 78 Sports TV. “We agreed on a new date, which was December 19th. That’s what I was told.

“The next thing I heard is Fury doesn’t want to fight me with no crowd. So the next thing I heard is that he is fighting someone else. Then here we are now.

“The fact is I gave this man the opportunity. I picked this man up at the darkest time of his life, and I blessed him even after the first fight.

“I gave him a rematch, and I didnt have to. Now his obligation is to be filled, and he is trying to back out of the agreement,” added the American puncher.


Speaking to British journalist Gareth A. Davies recently, Fury labeled Wilder a sore loser for accusations of cheating.

‘The Gypsy King’ also stated he would be moving on from their trilogy.

“Some people can’t take a loss. Imagine being undefeated for twelve years as a professional, and you were told you could beat this guy. He’s come back after three years out of the ring, ballooning up in weight, and give you a boxing lesson?

“And then absolutely annihilated you in the rematch.

“So, would I be the same? But you lost to a better man. I’m not like that.

“And AJ got beat by Ruiz, and he didn’t make a million excuses. He just said ‘fantastic, well done’.

“I suppose it’s different sportsmanship in different places. It’s up to him what he wants to do.”


Promoter Frank Warren admitted that he doesn’t know for sure that Fury will fight on December 5th or even this year.

The Hall of Famer expects to make an official announcement in the next few days.

Fury, on the other hand, discussed the possible event with Davies.

“Whoever that opponent is, I do my thing. I go out there, perform to the best of my ability, win the fight, and go home,” he pointed out.

“It’s going to be difficult without the crowds. I’m the type of fighter who thrives on the atmosphere and electricity, so that’ll be difficult for me.

“But it’s about collecting our wages and doing what we’ve got to do.”

He concluded: “I never get rattled or get up. I’m just relaxed. In sparring, there’s nobody there, and I still spar. It’s going to be like that, I suppose.

“I was in an empty arena recently. I watched Daniel Dubois fight. It is what it is. We adapt.”

As Deontay Wilder waits for the verdict, so do the UK fans on news of Fury’s return.

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