Best Boxing Themed Casino Games

Boxing is something that a lot of us enjoy watching (and you may even enjoy betting on it with Mr Green!). It’s a sport that requires a lot of skills. Not everyone can do boxing, but if one is a real boxing lover and never wants to miss a single match of their favorite player, boxing-based casino games are something that one would love!!

One can play top live casino games slots named after top boxing legends or one of their favorite players. But during the current scenario, it isn’t easy to visit a casino.

Well, now one can play all boxing-based online casino games. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

So, here are some of the best boxing-themed casino slots by Lucas Goldberg –our leading contributor, that one can enjoy. Lucas is an expert in boxing-themed casinos and has done some research on these topics. You can also check out his profile here for your further perusal.

Mike Tyson Knockout Slot:

One of the favorite boxing-themed casino slots is the Mike Tyson slot. Mike Tyson boxing matches were full of entertainment, and thrill people enjoyed his short fuse games. All his matches were full of entertainment.

The Mike Tyson, knockout slot game has a very energizing theme song, and the game shows the boxing ring. The game background shows a proper tedious ring setup. The sound and theme of the game bring an instant adrenaline rush to the player’s body.

The game jackpot is to earn a knockout from which the player gets the world heavyweight title. This offers players 12 free spins with a 10x multiplier.

The knockout can let you win big, just like an actual boxing match.

Rocky slot:

Just like Mike Tyson, Rocky is also considered as one of the fan-favorite boxers, but the fact is Rocky is just a fictional character, and people liked it very much.

The Rocky slot is one of the most popular games as 106 websites offer this game. Here, you get five reels, 25 lines with some free spins, gamble features, autoplay, and a bonus round too.

Fisticuffs slot:

If someone is an old boxing fan, then this is something that they will love playing. From the old days of the 1900s, boxing was a gentleman sport as the players were also gentlemen, and they followed all the rules. This is a slot meant for old-school guys.

This game was an offline popular boxing-themed game that has five reels and ten lines.

The online version of this game is equally satisfying for the people who loved it during the 1900s. The online version was launched in 2013, and still, it’s growing and being loved all across.

Pudzianator Slot :

If one loves MMA boxing, then they’ll love this slot game too. This game is developed by promoting games. The game showcases the MMA boxing legend Mariusz Pudzianowski.

This game offers 27 pay lines, five reel slots, and winning of 2700x the wagering amount and up to 405 free spins. With all these, it is also considered as the highest payout game, which offers a winning amount of up to 1000$.

The game’s visuals include outstanding Pudzianowski in a ring, and the background shows a crowd cheering up. All these sounds and actions make the game even more enjoyable.


Finally, nowadays, the gaming world has upgraded itself so much that one can enjoy their favorite game in their favorite theme, just like these boxing-themed casinos. Online gaming and casinos are easy to learn, and also a fun activity to do. So, happy gaming!!