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Floyd Mayweather accused of avoiding Keith Thurman during career

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has been accused of avoiding Keith Thurman before stepping away from the sport for good.

Mayweather retired from competitive boxing in 2015 when defeating Manny Pacquiao for the WBA ‘Super’ welterweight title.

The belt eventually went to Thurman when Mayweather retired, although the former has since accused Mayweather of ducking him.

Speaking to Sirius XM in a recent interview, Thurman discussed many things, as well as the Floyd Mayweather situation.

Chasing a fight with Errol Spence Jr., Thurman says Mayweather didn’t want to step inside those ropes with him.

“You want to handle everybody I already handled, but you don’t want to handle me?” – said Thurman on Spence, now taking on Danny Garcia instead of him.


Floyd Mayweather came into the equation among several other points made by Thurman. The whole interview can be listened to on the Sirius XM app.

Thurman highlights:

This is his blood, sweat, and tears 24/7. He’s been doing this since I was seven years old. Took an L in his last fight, but it was a helluva fight.
Not sure why Errol doesn’t like him. Maybe it’s because Keith didn’t give him enough respect.
Always told Errol he was looking forward to seeing him in the ring.
The whole plan was to get the W, stay champ, and then go after Errol. But he hates for no reason. Not sure what the beef is.
“I’ve been testing the game since I’ve been in the game.”
If Spence wants to prove he’s the greatest, he has to fight him.
Paulie and Floyd didn’t step in the ring with him.
You can’t play EJ’s game, cause he has that formula for easy victories. Danny is the biggest puncher he’s faced in his whole career.

Thurman last fought well over a year ago when losing to Manny Pacquiao via decision. In the process, Thurman lost the very title he wanted to win from Floyd Mayweather himself.

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