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Is 15-year-old boxing champ Sa’Rai Brown-El destined for greatness?

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The future of women’s boxing, perhaps, is 15-year-old Sa’Rai Brown-El, who has already captured top honors in 11 national and regional tournaments.

Since she started boxing in 2015, Sa’Rai has collected gold medals at the 2019 Junior Open, 2019 National PAL, 2019 & 2017 National Junior Olympics, 2017 Western Regional Open, and Eastern Regional Open in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

“I stayed focused and hungry and, most importantly, humble,” she spoke about her success in the junior division. “No matter how much you’ve accomplished or the number of accolades you’ve gotten, always stay hungry and always strive for more.”

Boxing started for her when she was 10, training at Lugo Boxing and Fitness in Marietta, Georgia. Prior to that in her native Albany (NY), she went to her uncle’s gym and found a pair of boxing gloves.

“I fell in love with boxing when I found that first pair of gloves,” Brown-El explained. “I first started boxing because, at that time, my dad didn’t agree with me. I saw a lot of people who didn’t agree with females competing in a male dominated sport, so I wanted to prove those people wrong. I just love boxing because my whole family boxes.”

The COVID-19 pandemic adversely effected most boxers, who were limited in terms of training and sparring, in addition to being shutout of tournaments. Brown-El, however, made the best of a bad situation, running miles with her siblings, cardio mitt work with her father, and much more.

Brown-El has her sights firmly set on the 2020 USA Boxing National Championships, December 5-12, at the Shreveport Convention Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.

“I am super excited and super focused on the National Championships,” she added. “I am fighting to get on the USA High Performance Team for my second year. I really want this and I will be working hard every day. My goal for now is to be on Team USA for the second time. I want to fight internationally and be Number 1 in the world.”

Brown-El has definitive long-range goals in boxing, starting with the Olympics and finishing as the face of women’s boxing.

“If I win a gold medal at the 2024 Olympics, maybe a second time in 2028, after that I think that will open up great opportunities for me,” the prodigy commented. “I think it’ll especially help me in the pro ranks. Winning a gold medal is my biggest goal right now.

“I want to be the greatest female boxer in the world. I want to be known and I want to make a statement for all females. I really want to shock the world. I eat, sleep, and breath boxing. This is not just a sport for me, this is a lifestyle.”

Sa’Rai Brown-El is on a golden path to stardom. She represents the future!