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Errol Spence Jr. open to Canelo and Manny Pacquiao – not Keith Thurman

Unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. admits pound for pound king Canelo and Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao are on his future hitlist.

Sadly for Keith Thurman, the ex-world-title holder is not.

Speaking to Brian Custer recently on ‘The Last Stand Podcast,’ Spence outlined his plans to battle WBA champion Pacquiao and Terence Crawford – who holds the WBO version – before moving up as an undisputed ruler.

Once at 154 and comfortable, Spence would begin to think about potentially hitting middleweight to face Mexico’s superstar in Alvarez.

Canelo will only come into play, though, once his buddies, the Charlo brothers, get their shot.

As for Thurman, the American faces being frozen out at the very top.

Responding to Thurman saying he needs to fight him or leave the 147-pound division, Spence told Custer: “I guess I’m moving up or going down.

“One of the two because that s— ain’t happening. F— Keith Thurman!


First up, Spence has to take care of Danny Garcia before he can begin to tick off his list.

“Of course, Danny (Garcia). I’m not looking over him at all. He’s at the top of my list. But it’s Danny, Manny Pacquiao, and Terence Crawford. Then I’m going up.


“That (Canelo) would be a big fight. I don’t know when that fight would happen. I mean, it’s up to the guys in the suits, Al (Haymon) and all of them,” he added.

“I wouldn’t step on Jermall’s (Charlo) toes or Jermell’s (Charlo) toes. I know Jermall has been yearning for that fight for a long time.

“I know Jermell has wanted that fight too. I would let my guy Jermall get that fight before stepping on his toes and getting that fight.

“But if that’s the fight, he can’t get, and I can get it. I would definitely take that fight,” Spence pointed out.


The Garcia clash takes extra significance because Spence has been out of action ever since being involved in a shocking car accident.

Spence walked away largely unscathed despite rolling and totaling his high-speed Ferrari.

On how he can beat Danny Garcia, Spence concluded: “Use my own timing, using feints, and sometimes standing my ground and just boxing.

“Do what I do best and beat opponents up, so I neutralize it by offsetting him when he punches.

“I punch and make sure my timing on point and my reaction time on point, and I feel like this fight will go smooth for me.

“He’s not much of a volume puncher so that it will be more tactical. It probably won’t be like the Shawn Porter fight, an all-out brawl/fight.

“I think this will be more tactical. A pinpoint type of fight between him and me.”

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