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Home » Clean Boxing Program: Pink Cocaine and its side effects

Clean Boxing Program: Pink Cocaine and its side effects

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The World Boxing Council has updated its Clean Boxing Program with details on a dangerous synthetic drug called ‘Pink Cocaine.’

Known as Pink Powder, Venus, Eros, Nexus, or Pink Cocaine, this synthetic drug belongs to the phenylethylamine family.

It`s derived from amphetamines, so its effects are linked to the stimulation of ecstasy (MDMA ) and the hallucinogens “LSD,” also known as “Tripose drugs,” as they cause an effect similar to the high of ecstasy and similar to the hallucinogenic effect of LSD.

Pink cocaine has an extreme level of addiction, just like other psychoactive substances such as methamphetamine.

It is important to clarify that this drug is not related to cocaine in its chemical composition. The only similarity is the way it is marketed in powder. Its consumption is by inhaling it through the nose. However, currently, it can also be found in pills.

These types of substances are not new since they originated in the 70s in the United States. For example, Pink Powder was created by Alexander Shulgin, who first synthesized the substance in 1974, and although he discovered more substances derived from the psychedelic phenylethylamine of the 2C family, the one that became most popular was pink cocaine.

Today, this drug is one of the most sought after among young people as it promises pleasant effects for the body itself, including a feeling of strength and an intense level of arousal and the effects can last between 4 and 8 hours.

Side effects:
– Elevation of blood pressure
– Blurry vision
– dizziness
– Digestive problems
– seizures
– Arrhythmias
– Cardiovascular problems
– Lung conditions
Effects of its long-term consumption:
– Anxiety attacks
– Visual and auditory hallucinations
– Severe anxiety attacks
– Disorientation
– Personality disorders
– Exhausted
– depression
– Psychotic disorders