Tommy Hearns: I would have given Manny Pacquiao a boxing lesson

Manny Pacquiao vs Tommy Hearns

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Thomas ‘Hitman’ Hearns would look to halt Manny Pacquiao in his tracks if the pair ever met inside the ropes during their careers in the sport.

In what would an amazing fantasy match-up, Hearns aired his strategy for taking out Pacquiao in a super-fight for the ages.

Speaking to Lem Satterfield for Ring Magazine in a historic interview, the Kronk legend answered the question of how he would have dealt with the dangerous Filipino.

“Manny Pacquiao, I think that he’s a pretty good fighter. I think that he would do well. He would do OK (against me). I think that he would do pretty good,” Hearns told Satterfield to

“He would definitely have to come to me. I would probably box him and keep boxing him and look for the shot.

“Yeah, definitely, I would box him and look for the opening. I would give him a good boxing lesson.”

Manny Pacquiao
Sean Michael Ham

Quizzed on whether either Pacquiao’s rival Floyd Mayweather or the eight-weight champion had a chance to beat him, Hearns added: “Listen, they’re good fighters.

“Can’t take anything away from those guys. But you know anybody who was in my weight division. You know, I would give them hell.

“They would have to be really fighting hard and be ready to absorb a lot of punches to beat me. Because, you know, I ain’t going to let anybody just come in and beat me.”

Pacquiao is renowned, like Hearns, as one of the best boxers of his generation. ‘Pacman’ claimed world titles from 112 to 154 pounds.

The 41-year-old is linked to one last swansong in the ring before switching his attention to Conor McGregor in a Boxing vs. MMA exhibition.

Who that final WBA title defense will be against is currently up in the air, with Mikey Garcia the possible candidate.


As for any Floyd Mayweather rematch, that’s now off the table for Manny Pacquiao.

The Senator was open to the return for a large portion of 2019, and with Middle Eastern investors keen to pay them eight figures each, there was a solid claim.

But coronavirus struck and killed the fight. The pair are now moving on in completely separate directions.

Mayweather is concentrating on training the next generation as Pacquiao gears to run for President of the Philippines in 2022 or 2026.

If Pacquiao doesn’t run by then, he faces another six-year wait to replace his good friend Rodrigo Duterte.