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Deontay Wilder says Mark Breland was influenced to throw towel for trilogy

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The massive claims by Deontay Wilder just keep coming. These latest are once again involving former cornerman and Olympic gold medalist Mark Breland.

Wilder has criticized Breland for throwing in the towel midway through a scheduled twelve-round rematch with Tyson Fury last February.

Despite being dropped numerous times and in trouble, Wilder says he was still in the fight and rues Breland’s decision.

Releasing Breland in the wake of the fallout, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ has now gone even further with his conspiracy theory.

The American now believes Breland was influenced by some of the Fury team members to end the fight. Wilder even says Breland was promised the second return clash would definitely be there if the towel hit the canvas.

Strong stuff from Wilder, who spoke to 78 Sports TV after blowing the lid on his cheating claims late last month.

He said: “I believe he (Mark Breland) was part of it (the conspiracy).

“We had people of Fury’s team yelling throw the towel, and you got a rematch (to Breland). Even more so, I think he had something to do with (putting something in) my water as well.

“He was the only one who was handling my water,” pointed out Wilder.

Continuing his shocking claims, the 35-year-old added: “I want my fans to know that we had been wronged.

“They (Fury and his representatives) are trying to take me out of an influential position because I motivate people. I have got men that would run through walls for me.”

Fury is yet to fully address the situation, which has escalated considerably since glove tampering videos were bandied around over the spring and summer.


On Halloween, Wilder gave the first indication that he believes something untoward happened, on the back of firstly stating his custom-made suit felt heavier than forty pounds.

Taking out of context initially, Wilder wasn’t saying the suit played a part. He was actually stating that his body felt weak and made the suit feel weighed down further.

But in the cold light of day, it’s certainly still seen as an excuse by many, especially the UK contingent.

With his reputation dented considerably on UK soil and slightly bruised in the United States, it’s hard to see where Deontay Wilder goes from here.

A trilogy with Fury is firmly at the back of the queue unless the WBC step in. A move that is unlikely given Mauricio Sulaiman’s recent green light to Anthony Joshua.

Sulaiman gave his blessing for Joshua to challenge Fury in 2021. Wilder now faces another year and change without a heavyweight title shot to his name.

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