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Home » Deontay Wilder blasted by Tyson Fury’s brother for ‘stupid excuses’

Deontay Wilder blasted by Tyson Fury’s brother for ‘stupid excuses’

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Tyson Fury’s younger brother and fellow boxer Tommy aired his views on recent accusations of cheating by ex-world champ Deontay Wilder.

In a shocking video released on Halloween, Wilder alleged that the older Fury had ‘an egg-weight in his gloves’ and that his water was potentially spiked when they fought in February.

Fury pummeled Wilder in seven rounds and certainly didn’t give him any chance in the fight.

Wilder’s supporters are now joining in the calls for an investigation into Fury, which has already been ruled out by the World Boxing Council and the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The WBC and the NSAC both stated there was nothing to report at the time of the event.

Furthermore, the first fight faced no action, in which Wilder also believes Fury had something wrong with his gloves.

Tommy is amazed at what has since transpired and has let rip in the direction of ‘The Bronze Bomber.’

“It’s stupid, I had a lot of respect for Wilder, I thought he was a good champion, but he just met his match,” Fury, who spoke to sports PR agency Press Box, said.

“All this stuff that he’s coming out with now – I can’t get my head around it.

Mikey Williams

“As a champion and as a role model, you should admit you’ve been beaten twice by a better man and brush yourself off on come again.

“All of these excuses he’s coming up with are bad to hear. He’s not a good sportsman. Basically, just coming up with anything he can think of.”


Fury continued: “He’s saying his team has spiked his water and all sorts of stuff, ludicrous stuff that you don’t say as a sportsman.

“As an athlete, you just kind of take on the chin and get on with it.

“I think Wilder’s in a really low, low state because he had a big ego. Everyone around him had big egos.

“I think to lose in the way he did, getting brutally battered for seven rounds, it’s hard to swallow.

“I don’t think he can swallow it. That’s the problem here. Tyson’s a much better fighter than him.

“Don’t be making excuses for yourself and tarnishing your legacy because that’s all he’s doing,” he concluded.

Tommy is back in the ring later this month after taking some time to work on his UK TV career.