Boxing Nutrition: The benefits of combining nuts with fruit

Boxing Nutrition

By Dr. Philip Goglia, WBC Nutrition Committee Chairman, offers another round from the Boxing Nutriton series. This one focuses on nuts and fruit.

Aside from the antioxidant benefits of nuts and their nutritional properties, the energy producing source of the fat inherently found in nuts is second to none; and when combined with a fruit, its co-enzymes, anti-oxidant benefits, and naturally occurring sugar, the complimentary energy benefits are extended and more stable.

Both sugar and fat are macronutrient examples of energy sources.

Sugar is a fast acting very responsive 4 calorie per gram energy source that has a short chain of usable energy.

Fat is a slower moving 9 calorie per gram energy source that offers a more sustainable energy profile.

When both sugar and fat are combined the fast acting fruit sugar and its sweet flavor results in an endorphin response of pleasure even happiness as it is used as an energy stimulus.

The nut fat satiates the palate and appetite with its savory texture and flavor.

The nut butter’s caloric fat content when combined with fruit sugar provides an extended energy source that is stable and long lasting.

The combined flavors stimulate not just a pleasure sensation but as well a satiation of appetite / hunger.