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Canelo Alvarez expected to adopt Floyd Mayweather Pay Per View model

Canelo Alvarez looks set to use the model deployed by Floyd Mayweather at the end of his career to make even more money than the $365 million he negotiated with DAZN.

The pound for pound king has rallied to break free from a contract that was worth $36.5m per fight. The Mexican obviously believes he can make even more money than the mega-bucks on offer.

What is completely evident, though, is that Canelo needs to be back on Pay Per View.

Showtime, ESPN, and PBC on FOX are all expected to compete for Canelo’s lucrative signature, who certainly wasn’t completely happy with his old place on a streaming service.

Should Canelo take the PPV plunge once again, it will only be on his terms. Signing with Al Haymon, Top Rank, or perhaps Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao’s promotional companies seems out of the question.

Canelo is set to go it alone. Adopting the Floyd Mayweather way of doing things.

At the tail end of his pro stint, Mayweather signed a six-fight, three-year deal with Showtime that was highly successful. Something similar is what Canelo will be aiming to announce in the coming days.

Taking it event-by-event is also an option, but any of the PPV platforms will want Canelo tied down exclusively for more than just one fight.


Effectively, Canelo can then do what Mayweather did and select his own opponents at will. It was no secret that DAZN was attempting to control that side of the agreement more than Canelo wanted in the past.

Picking out the best opponents for him at the right time and stepping up to the elite when it suits will be the order of the day for Canelo from this day forward.

Facing Mayweather himself in 2013, Canelo learned a lot from the master and now sees his destiny in his own hands despite waiting seven years to get there.

At the age of 30, Canelo takes his control a little later than Floyd, though. At the time Mayweather broke free from his contract, he was 29 years old.

The number one marquee name in the world deserves to have his destiny in his own hands. As the coming days unfold, all will become clear.

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