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Kali Reis vs. Kandi Wyatt: WBA title clash broadcast on Impact

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Over the past few years, the top of sport of boxing has become segmented into de-facto leagues, with three big distributions platforms controlling the all of the high-end fights and fighters.

That is all about to change with the upstart Impact Network entering the proverbial ring of bringing world championship and high-quality fights to the boxing fans.

This Saturday (10:30 PM ET), Impact Network’s 2nd fight night will feature the WBA Super Lightweight fight between Kali Reis and Kandi Wyatt. The card will also feature some highly regarded undefeated prospects such as super middleweight Isaiah Steen as well as heavyweight’s Elvis Garcia and Jeremiah Milton.

Impact Network will automatically become a player in the world of boxing with a reach of over 90 million households in the United States. The outlet will also provide an opportunity for some of the biggest and best promoters in the world to not only be able to build their talent, but also to give a home for their fighters instead on having to compete on another promoter’s affiliated platform.

The fight on Saturday is no exception as Hall of Fame promoter Lou DiBella will stage the world title card.

“This is a great opportunity for the many high-quality fighters and promoters that have been shut out of dates because they aren’t signed to a particular promoter or outlet. Many of these companies can’t survive without any type of output deal, site revenue and sponsorships to showcase their fighters. There are not enough dates to go around for the other promoters, who themselves have great fighters.

“I’m grateful to have a Hall of Famer like Lou DiBella be involved with this show, and the support we are receiving from the entire boxing industry. Lou’s track record goes without saying, and he has a great roster of fighter’s that will appear on Impact. Impact was scheduled to put on 12 shows in 2020, unfortunately they were knocked out the Covid-10 Pandemic.

“We are committed to 24 shows in the next year, so that will provide a great opportunity for these promoters to be able to not only survive, but to thrive in promoting their fighters in competitive bouts,” said Steven Marcano, of the SMH Group, the programming partner with Impact Media Group

“Any outlet that is willing to put on great shows and is cost effective is good for the business. There is a scarcity of platforms for fighters. Impact can provide those opportunities. Saturday’s main event is a world title bout featuring Kali Reis, who fought on HBO and most people thought beat Cecilia Braekhus.

“Isaiah Steen is one of the top prospects and can generate interest from the urban market. Elvis Garcia was a Mexican Olympian who was the main sparring partner for Anthony Joshua and the opener will have Jeremiah Milton, who was a major United States amateur in his own right.

“This is a show with a lot of talent that is headlined by a female world title bout. These are great shows. Even better is that Impact is on free cable. It is on most cable and satellite providers, and it is a tremendous opportunity for these fighters to get great exposure,” said Hall of Fame Promoter, Lou DiBella of DiBella Entertainment.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Founder of Impact Network stated:

“I am extremely happy to give the opportunity for young men and women to showcase on Impact also giving the opportunity for athletes who usually would not get this opportunity to be visible to over 90 million homes and be able to secure financial freedom through hard work.”