Opinion: Derek Chisora must be stopped from fighting 21 days after loss

Derek Chisora

Dave Thompson

On the back of Alexander Povetkin pulling out of their rematch, Dillian Whyte has been left without an opponent for November 21. Ex-foe Derek Chisora has now stepped forward.

Many believe this outcome is good after Whyte was heavily knocked out less than three months ago by the dangerous Russian.

Whyte wanted straight back in, although probably needed more rest after being smashed to the canvas in Eddie Hearn’s backyard.

These latest developments have served Whyte well as he now gets a lot more time to recover and prepare for the proposed new January 30th date.

Instead of chilling out and getting ready for Christmas, though, there’s now unbelievable talk of Whyte continuing with his Pay Per View outing. Something that would be better for UK fans if it didn’t happen.

Three UK PPV’s in seven weeks was bad enough. But now that Povetkin vs. Whyte 2 is off, Hearn has a golden opportunity not to charge fans for another event.

Derek Chisora has thrown his hat into the ring as a replacement for Povetkin, despite being punched for twelve rounds by Oleksandr Usyk.

WBN saw the victory, which included many, many headshots over twelve rounds, as far more decisive than the scorecards.

Derek Chisora
Mark Robinson


Therefore, Chisora – like his compatriot, needs to take stock and have a break before returning.

Even Chisora’s handler David Haye, who should know better, is championing his man fighting just three weeks after a damaging defeat. A sorry state of affairs.

Taking to social media, the whole debacle – which looks like an opportunist money-grab due to two previous losses to Whyte – played out.

“I would take that fight. No bruises, ready to rock and roll,” Chisora said. “I’m ready to go, donkey.”

Whyte responded: “No, you are not ready. You are trying to con the public. No one wants to see you go to sleep again.”

Suggesting that zero facial and no injuries to his hands means he can fight again in 21 days, Haye made what can only be described as a wrong statement.

“His hands are good, no marks on his face, completely unscathed. He is ready to go for that third fight. He is ready to fight anyone for the fans.”

Chisora could have far more internal affliction that would only be more evident under hospital testing. Wanting to compete for the sake of saving a PPV and gaining a payday is completely unjustified at this point.


Anyone in the know would be aware that Chisora would struggle to be licensed that quickly following a reverse. The British Board now needs to ensure Chisora is not allowed even to take up the option.

Both Whyte and Chisora need to take stock and take some time out. Let’s be honest – the pair of Brits suffered grueling setbacks in their respective quests for world heavyweight title honors.

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