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Tyson Fury silent as Deontay Wilder makes astonishing accusations

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Tyson Fury has yet to comment on startling accusations labeled at the Briton by former opponent Deontay Wilder over the past few days.

‘The Gypsy King’ is usually one of the most vocal boxers on social media, especially when rivals attack.

This time, Fury has refused to engage with Wilder following what can only be described as libel claims against his February victory.

Fury gave Wilder a beatdown for seven rounds at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Breaking his silence on the matter eight months later, Wilder opened up on Halloween.

He told 78 Sports TV: “My water was tampered with. The feeling I had was a different feeling. It’s like I had no control over my body.

“My legs were weak, but my mind was very strong. When do you ever see me go down on a body shot? He crushed me.

“When have you ever seen me not be the aggressor. People can say, ‘oh, it’s excuses.’ But they have never been in a ring, so how would you know.”

Wilder continued by attacking the decision of his cornerman Mark Breland to throw in the towel.

“Even with the throwing in of the towel, people who know Deontay Wilder know that if I draw my sword, I will live by it and die by it.

“That’s my mentality in the ring. When he did that, he already had orders not to do that.”


Concluding on what he thought was foul play, Wilder added: “During the fight, I was under the influence of something. So I didn’t understand why my body was feeling the way it was feeling.

“In the second round, I looked into Fury’s eyes, and I saw disappointment on his face because I wasn’t fading away like he thought I would. Or what they planned that I would.

“Because he had something in his gloves. I know he did. I had the physical proof in my face, and I have the doctors to prove that as well, so this isn’t something that I am making up.

“We are talking about a guy that can’t punch. In the first fight, he cheated by pulling the gloves down like that. But I wasn’t really paying attention in the first fight.

“But now it makes sense because this time around, even when he hit me in the ear, it wasn’t because he hit me. It busted.

“I had scratches deep on the inside of my ear. How does that happen? Because he had something in the end part of the glove, and he scratched me in it, that’s why it started to bleed.”

Whether Fury will take legal action through his UK and US promoters, Frank Warren and Bob Arum now remain to be seen.

When he does fire back at Deontay Wilder, get the popcorn ready.

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