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Adrien Broner thrown in jail again, posts cash stack but claims to have $13

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Adrien Broner is back in jail. ‘The Problem’ may now see his high-profile return to the sport derailed unless he pays a judgment laid down for a previous arrest.

Let’s pick up the story earlier this year. A civil lawsuit filed by a woman claimed Broner had assaulted her, as previously covered by WBN.

The multi-weight fighter received a resulted order to pay the complainant over $800,000 in compensation after being found guilty.

It was made abundantly clear to Broner that paying the $800,000 meant he could avoid any further prison time.

The Premier Boxing Champions boxer has since stated that he’s broke. He went so far as to say that he only had $13 to his name.


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I will bet my last dollar on my baby brotha @brytx2 happy birthday nigga ….. #GiveAnother100,000????????????????#SameThang????

A post shared by Adrien AB Broner (@adrienbroner) on

After witnessing some of Broner’s Instagram action of the past few days, Cuyahoga County (in Cleveland) Court Judge Nancy Margaret Russo wasn’t having any of it.

Russo held Broner in contempt of court on Monday and tossed him back into jail for his trouble. She found that the 31-year-old attempted to avoid making any payments despite flashing his stacks of cash on social media.

“Mr. Broner has continually defied every court order I’ve given. The jig is up today,” Russo told Broner in court, video of which was captured by

Broner had stated on October 5th that he had little-to-no-money ahead of a reported return to action in early 2021.

Ivan Redkach will be the opponent for Broner, who could earn a massive $2 million paycheck to fight despite no victory since 2017 and a two-year absence.

Last time out, Broner lost to Manny Pacquiao and has enjoyed the fruits of his labor. The Cincinnati man earned a multi-million dollar purse for that defeat in Las Vegas.

Russo obviously believes that Broner must have enough earnings left to cover the compensation. Hence the lock-up.


Broner must now provide a full and frank statement of his finances before being released on Wednesday.

Broner’s attorney Stanley Jackson, only in the job a couple of months, pleaded with Russo for leniency. He cited mental issues, alcohol abuse, and a lack of financial understanding for why Broner had failed to pay the money.

Sadly for Broner, Russo was in no mood to hear it and declared it ‘irrelevant.’

On why he had so much cash posted on his channels to brag about, Broner stated that he ‘had rich friends’ and that the bundles were not his.

Hand-cuffed, masked, and red-faced, Broner was taken away by officials to serve more time. He had already been on probation for previous offenses.

Turning up late to proceedings may also not have helped his case.

A further judgment on Adrien Broner is due Wednesday.

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