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Murat Gassiev TKO1, Sirimongkhol Singwangcha drops to 97-5 in farce

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In Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, new heavyweight Murat Gassiev easily crushed Nuri Seferi following his move up from cruiserweight.

Gassiev eases his way into the heavyweight ranks with the quick dismissal of veteran Seferi. After a slow start where they just prodded each other with jabs, Gassiev landed a left hook to the body and a straight right to the head.

That had Seferi backing up, then a booming right the chin sent him crashing to the canvas. He was up a six but looked unsteady, and after completing the eight count, the referee stopped the fight.

All done in 107 seconds.

In his first fight since losing his IBF and WBA cruiserweight titles to Oleksandr Usyk in July 2018, Gassiev must have been hoping for a bit more ring time as Seferi had only lost inside the distance once, but that big right from Gassiev was too much for him.

Gassiev will be looking to get into action again as soon as possible.

Seferi, 43, mentioned retirement after 21 years as a pro.


On October 30 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, super middleweight Twaha Rubaha retired the experienced Sirimongkhol Singwangcha.

This really was a farce as a tubby Singwangcha lumbered around for six rounds, still having enough boxing knowledge to outsmart Rubaha at times.

Finally, in the seventh, Singwangcha was exhausted and stumbling and, at the end of the round, went back to his corner and sat on the canvas, looking out into the crowd.

Someone gave him a drink of water from a bottle, and he then climbed up and went to two corners of the ring, climbing on the ropes to thank the fans.

The referee had no idea what was going on until Singwangcha walked to Rubaha’s corner to congratulate him, at which point the referee lifted Rubaha’s hand.

The fight was to have been for the WBC ABC title, but recognition of that was withdrawn before the fight.

At 43 and about 50lbs over his fighting weight when he was a two-division world champion, Singwangcha should shun the glory of going for 100 professional wins and retire.

Rubaha really just a club level fighter.

Singwangcha also claimed he injured his shoulder.

Jongo vs. Mchumiatumbo

Jongo uses his size and weight advantages to club more experienced Mchumiatumbo to defeat in a slow, cumbersome fight.

Jongo ended it in the fifth as he sent Mchumiatumbo flat on his back on the canvas with two huge rights.

Worryingly the first landed flush on the back of Mchumiatumbo’s head, which had him stumbling with his head down, and the finisher landed on the jaw and pitched him to the canvas on his back out cold.

Sixth win in a row for Jongo, sixth loss by KO/TKO for Mchumiatumbo.

Ally vs. Sinkala

Ally took the first two rounds and then ended it in the third. A booming right to the head sent poor Sinkala flying across the ring into the ropes and down, and he was counted out.

Seventh win by KO/TKO for “The Monster of Bagamoyo.” Seventh inside the distance loss for the much smaller Sinkala.