Getting The Best Odds At Boxing Betting Sites

With a sport as old, celebrated, and popular as boxing, there are plenty of places where those wishing to have a flutter can indulge.

As it’s such a popular spot to wager on, nearly every sportsbook across the country provides its customers with the opportunity to bet on professional weight divisions.

Nothing rivals boxing in terms of anticipation and adrenaline for a spectator, especially when money is at stake! This is why sports betting is more popular than ever. For the boxing betting sites with the best odds check out

For newbies wanting to place a wager on the next showpiece fight, we’re going to give some great pointers to help maximise your profit.

What To Consider When Choosing A Boxing Site

With a sport as enthralling and invigorating as boxing, having some money invested in the outcome makes watching it a thrillingly intense experience.

Events They Have On Offer

A perk of betting on boxing is it has no fixed season; this means that fans can place wagers year-round on a variety of divisions. You must ensure your chosen bookie gives you this opportunity as you do not want to be limited to betting on the big-ticket events. Fights are divided into different categories, from heavy to minimum weight, professionally there are 17 different weight divisions.

Most betting sites will cover all the events sanctioned by the big four organisations: World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organisation (WBO). However, many bookmakers will cover amateur institutions and college matches too. Although heavyweight bouts often steal the spotlight there are incredible fights, and a lot of money to be won, in all different weight classes.

What Betting Markets They Provide

Despite boxing not having a wide variety of varied outcomes, there is still a good selection of betting markets. These allow spectators to use their knowledge and experience of the sport to make wagers on events in the match. These include:

  • Round Betting: where you wager on which round the match will be won in.
  • Method of Victory:where you wager on how the match will be won KO, TKO, Disqualification etc.
  • Over and Under:where the bookmaker sets the threshold, and you must decide whether the fight will last for more or less rounds.

Some betting sites may only offer a diverse range of betting markets for high profile games.

Compare Betting Sites

Once you have decided on the best betting option for you, you need to find the right site for the types of bet you want to make. The best way to do this is by comparing and exploring these areas:

  • Prices:Different betting sites use different techniques for pricing their matches. Whilst some will value the favourite at a high, price others will put an aggressive price on the underdog. Sites compete with one another so shop around to ensure you’re getting the best price for the bet you want to place.
  • Accumulators:Stacking results and markets can be an amazing way of multiplying your profits. Not all sites allow you to back multiple wins and outcomes. When they do the odds tend to be bigger with a great return!
  • Bonuses: The fierce competition between bookmakers is great for customers, it means they are constantly trying to outdo one another with bonuses, special offers and reward schemes. However, it is important to always check the legitimacy of the casino and the wagering requirements before getting enticed by an unbelievable bonus.
  • Cash Out:For those that love betting in-play, this is a vital service. As the momentum of the match shifts you may wish to cash out, or in, at any moment, having this option gives you flexibility and freedom.

The Best Betting Sites

Here is our roundup of the best betting sites in 2020

  • William Hill: This trusted casino offers a great selection of 16 markets and has a fabulous payout of 94.5%. On top of this, new customers are rewarded with £30 in free bets.
  • 888 Sport: Another sportsbook that is offering new customers £30s worth of free bets. This site allows players to cash out and play accumulators, it’s a great site for those wanting to gamble on-the-go as it is mobile compatible with Android and iOS.
  • PaddyPower: Despite its slightly less generous welcome offer of £20, PaddyPower is a standout casino thanks to its amazing odds prices, high payout rate and a brilliant range of special bets.