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Video evidence supports Gervonta Davis after social media gloves storm

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Yet again, a social media storm has brewed from YouTube and Twitter allegations over gloves. This time affecting Gervonta Davis.

Hot on the heels of Deontay Wilder’s similar furor resulting in the boxer himself adding to claims against Tyson Fury, Gervonta Davis is now the subject of questions over his victory.

Davis blasted out Leo Santa Cruz in a mid-round blitz in his Pay Per View debut. In the aftermath, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists noticed ‘Tank’ changed his gloves late on.

In one clip pre-fight, Davis had one pair of gloves on. The next, when in the ring, they had been switched.

The American has since come out fighting. Davis insists Santa Cruz was there throughout the selection process.

Reporter Elie Seckbach, a friend of WBN, then backed up the two-weight champion’s notion that nothing untoward took place.

“Public service announcement to conspiracy theory believers. I have the video of Gervonta Davis. Both gloves being approved 1:34 mark. You can see them,” said Seckbach, providing his video evidence for good measure.

“I changed my gloves because my first pair was uncomfortable. I do not have to cheat to win. Leo signed off on both fight gloves. Ask him,” said Davis, defending himself vehemently.

Promoter Leonard Ellerbe then added: “Champ, it’s Twitter boxing reaching/hating/trolling, enjoy the rest of your day doing you!”

Discussing his triumph after the fight, Davis was proud to get a first PPV under his belt and secure that with a spectacular knockout into the bargain.

The end blow landed by Davis should be the rightful talking point.

“The uppercut wasn’t the key coming into the fight, but I adapted to what he was bringing. I knew he was taller and crouching down and moving forward. Once he moved forward, I tried to jab and make him run into the shot,” he explained.

“In the first couple of rounds, I wasn’t really warmed up. I could tell that he was trying to counter off me, so I just adapted to what he was doing.

Gervonta Davis uppercut
Esther Lin

“He was right there for it. He punches, but he doesn’t try to get out of the way. There was nowhere for him to go on that knockout because I got him into the corner.

“Leo is a tough warrior and a strong Mexican fighter. He came ready for me. I was just the better fighter tonight.

“I want to maintain both belts. Whatever decision my team and I come up with, we’ll go with it. I’m not ducking or dodging anybody.

“I’m a pay-per-view star. Everybody knows I’m number one, and I showed it tonight. I’m going to continue to show people all over the world that I’m the best.

“I don’t have to call anybody else out. I’m the top dog. Just line them up and I’ll knock them out.”


These latest rumors and that’s all they are, give yet another indication of where boxing media is now heading. The same happened with Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder.

The emergence of a spate of YouTube channels with ‘so-called experts’ giving their own opinion – which most of the time does come from any place of expertise – are taking prominence in the sport.

Those who go down media rabbit holes are regularly lead to misinformation that many are quick to take as gospel.

Sad. And it may only get worse from here on in.

WBN Editor Phil has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews and Twitter @worldboxingnews.