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Home » Former boxing analyst Glenn McCrory switches attention to bare knuckle

Former boxing analyst Glenn McCrory switches attention to bare knuckle

Glenn McCrory has spelled out why he’s fed up with boxing – and loves it when the gloves come off.

The former IBF cruiserweight champion said: “It’s not boxing unless everyone is allowed to box – and that’s not happening at the minute.

“It’s only the privileged few who get to box, the fighters who are with Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren.

“It’s so hard on the rest of the fighter who have bills to pay, the same as everyone else. I know there’s nothing anyone can do about it, but still, it’s not fair on a lot of fighters.”

The next show McCrory will be attending will be a bareknuckle show at the Indigo at O2 on Friday, November 27, promoted by BKBTM, the world’s only fully legal promoters of the sport.

The sport returns with a behind-closed-doors show that will be screened on pay-per-view and McCrory can’t wait.

He said: “I’ve never seen anything like these lads.

“They smash each other to smithereens and then have a drink together afterwards.

“That would never happen in gloved boxing. The trainers or managers never seem to get on and the fighters often don’t get on either.

“These lads are standing at the bar a couple of hours after they’ve fought with bumps and bruises all over their faces buying each other drinks and saying: ‘That was a great punch you caught me with !’

“It really is mad, but it’s what bareknuckle boxing is all about.

“The camaraderie between the fighters is something else.”