Dave Allen offered Christopher Lovejoy STREET fight, AJ bill now possible

Dave Allen Christopher Lovejoy

Mark Robinson

Christopher Lovejoy has expressed his disappointment that a high-profile UK clash with Dave All fell apart at the last minute.

The undefeated American was pulled from the Halloween contest this week when it emerged Lovejoy was still tied to Don King.

Digging his heels in despite a huge offer from Eddie Hearn, King told Lovejoy to fly home and that he wasn’t allowed to participate.

Allen took to social media to apologized to his fans. While Lovejoy revealed, Allen offered him a street fight as they thrash out a possible new deal for December.

“I was just told that the fight is off,” said Lovejoy. “I tried to stay focused and not let the media take me off track.

“Thank you to Dave Allen and Eddie Hearn for the “One-shot” opportunity. As of now, I have to get back and clear up some paperwork.

“(After that, I want to) give Dave his shot as he gave me. I want Dave Allen next, hopefully in December!”

Dave Allen Christopher Lovejoy

He added: “I just talked with my main man Dave Allen. He came to me to get a street fight! Lol, I didn’t want it.

“He humbled me. We talked it out. I have to finish this paperwork. Then we can do it in the ring!

“Thank you to the whole boxing world, and more importantly, to the whole UK for showing me, unconditional love. See yall soon!”


No doubt that Hearn will be looking to add Dave Allen vs. Christopher Lovejoy to his December card topped by Anthony Joshua.

The bout would be a solid addition – if only to see just how good Lovejoy really is due to a deceptive record.

At 19-0 and with a string of Mexican also-rans on his C.V., it’s feared that the bout will never happen, though.

Lovejoy will probably continue his Tijuana beatdowns to increase his padded record until a world title shot or a potential in-house battle with Trevor Bryan can be made.

As for Allen, six more weeks of winter stand between him and another run on a Matchroom Pay Per View undercard.

It’s quite possible the Doncaster man was the architect of his own downfall, though. He laid it on thick all the way through fight week when seeing Lovejoy in ‘The Bubble.’

Therefore, the potential for Christopher Lovejoy engineering his own exit from the clash is not out of the realms of possibility.

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