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Home » ‘Deontay Wilder won’t get a world title shot until 2022’ – says Eddie Hearn

‘Deontay Wilder won’t get a world title shot until 2022’ – says Eddie Hearn

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Former WBC champion and hard-hitting American Deontay Wilder is set to be out of the heavyweight world title picture for at least another fourteen months.

That’s the view of Eddie Hearn, promoter of ex-Deontay Wilder rival Anthony Joshua.

Speaking in an interview with Sirius XM’s AK and Barak, exclusively handed to WBN this week, Hearn mentioned Wilder on more than one occasion.

Hearn offered several points on Wilder’s clash with Tyson Fury falling apart. He also predicted the ‘Bronze Bomber’ would have to be patient to get another shot.

Those points from the interview on Deontay Wilder are below:

• On the Heavyweights, Fury is definitely having a fight on Dec. 5 against a run-off opponent.

• With Wilder, I have zero clues about what is happening in his camp.

• When Ruiz defeated Anthony Joshua, I was obsessed with getting the rematch done. Now with Wilder, it does not make sense for him to let a contract run out, especially in the middle of the pandemic. It does not make sense as a businessman and as a fan.

• Deontay Wilder, at this rate, will probably be thrown to the back of the list for a heavyweight title shot, and we may see him having a slight chance at a shot in 2022.

• Once 2021 starts, Wilder will not be in the conversation because Tyson Fury will be fighting Anthony Joshua twice in 2021.

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On Joshua’s next fight and continuing his comeback from a damaging loss, Hearn also said:

• Anthony Joshua is learning so much and improving his craft. This coming fight with Pulev is a fun challenge for AJ because of the difference in the styles and lets AJ improve.

• AJ questions why he must fight Pulev, and I tell him that it’s because he’s mandatory. AJ can learn more from this fight.

• The same situations are happening all over boxing. Especially with Usyk-Chisora.

• The reason why Pulev is in the discussion for AJ is that the world wants to know if his loss at MSG against Ruiz was a fluke.

• I can guarantee though that every fight AJ has had from Pvetkin to Ruiz to Pulev are all helping him become a much better fighter. He is definitely only getting better and better from here.


A protest could still meet Fury’s decision to move on from Wilder with the WBC. Wilder could argue that only he should get a shot at the title next.

This could push Fury into a non-title clash in December before a trilogy with Wilder in 2021.