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Roman Gonzalez on the brink of Juan Estrada super-fight rematch

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Ex-pound for pound star Roman Gonzalez is on the brink of a super-fight rematch with Juan Francisco Estrada after another impressive victory this weekend.

“Chocolatito” notched an important victory in Mexico City, defeating courageous, durable, resistant, and constantly competitive Aztec Warrior Israel González, by a unanimous decision.

The fight pattern was quickly set with “Chocolatito” going on the offensive, cutting the distance, and driving the much taller Pride of Cabo San Lucas to the ropes, landing A bevy of sharp and accurate right hands.

But Israel, who was outboxed, was in tremendous shape, and his fighting spirit was never quelled. He constantly fought back with gusto, launching two-fisted attacks. This, plus his extra reach, meant that Chocolatito, who was constantly going for the KO, didn’t get all his own way and was denied a forty-second stoppage win.


With this victory, “Chocolatito” successfully defended his WBA Super Flyweight title. The judges’ scores were 118-110, 116-112, and 117-111. It was a relatively wide margin of victory, reflecting the quality of a four-division champion. But tremendous credit goes to Israel, who stuck to his task, weathered the storm, and fought back with exceptional courage as well as sporadic success, right up to the final bell.

The clear winner, yet Chocolatito, looked tired, and he`s visibly aged since his WBC Championship KO loss to Srisaket Sor Rungvisai three years ago. Fifty-one fights from strawweight to super flyweight will also do that to you.

Julio Cesar Martinez



Also, this Friday in Mexico City, Julio César ‘Rey’ Martínez (17-1, 13 KO`s) successfully defended his World Boxing Council flyweight title by knocking out the experienced Moisés “Taz” Calleros (33-10, 17 KO`s) in two oh so brief rounds.

Martinez, 25, set the pace of the fight from the first bell, against an opponent taller and heavier than him, but palpably lacking his anvil heavy clout.

Rey went to the body and then the head, with powerful left hooks, suddenly unleashing a short right to the side of Taz`s face sending him to the canvas. Shell shocked if not exactly tasered, Taz did well to get up and make it to the bell.

But it was only delaying the inevitable due to Rey`s Mini Marciano strength, resolve, and awesome cobblestone punching power. Taz`s sensible evasive tactics were reminiscent of a dune buggy, trying to stay out of the range, sights, and shells of a Tiger Tank…on a flat beach.

In round two, a sizzling right hand to the head staggered Taz, backing him into the ropes, and Rey then landed an even bigger left hook, also to the head. Referee Cesar Castanon swiftly and prudently moved in to stop it at two minutes and forty-two seconds.

The Little sweat Rey had shed thus far hardly dotted his smart black WBC tee shirt as he pulled it on! It was the 13th knockout of his career and an easy night`s work.

At the weigh-in, Calleros went over 5.4 pounds (117.4), but that didn’t matter a jot in the final punctuation, which swiftly concluded with an ouch of an exclamation mark.