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Home » Juan Estrada cements place in Pound for Pound Top 10 with rematch TKO

Juan Estrada cements place in Pound for Pound Top 10 with rematch TKO

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Juan Estrada is flying high in the WBN Pound for Pound Top 10 once again after showing his brilliance in defense of his championship.

The World Boxing Council super flyweight champion “Gallo” successfully held on to his title by halting former world champion Carlos “Príncipe” Cuadras by TKO in the eleventh round of a torrid and momentous rematch.

This Friday, it came to pass in a wondrous evening of triple world championships, at the TV Azteca Studios, in Mexico City. A night to forever remember!

The combat began with a more active, aggressive, and grimly determined Carlos Cuadras, who`d trained for six long months at the Otomi High Altitude Center. He managed his distance well and was throwing clusters of accurate combinations. His attacks paid off when he sent “Gallo” Into the ropes and then on to the canvas in the third round, courtesy of a blistering left hook to the head, close to the end of the round.

In the fourth round, Estrada, who was still visibly smarting, did not hesitate to risk high stakes and go on the attack himself, but Cuadras was still effective. From the fifth round, the world champion regained composure connecting to the head and body. A constant flow of rights to the head was finding their mark, getting Cuadras into trouble.

By the sixth, “Gallo” had offset “Principe`s” early onslaught advantage and was landing better punches, which were beginning to tell on, as well as sap Carlos` resistance. Cracks were starting to appear, but with characteristic bravely, drawing on the deep reservoir of his champion`s willpower and his own individual vim, the “Medicine Man” countered… but less effectively and with less raw firepower.

He was wobbled by a huge left hook and then a follow up right just before the bell ending round seven. It was the pivotal turning point in an epic battle that’s only reserved for Mexican superstar fighters.

Juan Estrada Pound for Pound



From the eighth to the tenth round, there were furious exchanges. The telling factor was Gallo`s measured rights, which were regularly landing. By this point, Carlos was becoming fatigued but wouldn’t give an inch. It was humbling to witness! His mind was still spurring him on, but his body was unwillingly rebelling. Magnificent and fabulous courage he put up, but The ramparts of resistance were crumbling at the edges.

Sensing this fraying, Gallo moved into the thick of the fray. He caught Carlos with a wicked left hook in eleventh, and down Carlos went. Visibly hurt, Carlos got up and tried to fight back with literally everything he had got left, but the tank was now empty. Gallo, who was also tired and battered steadied himself, and moved in, knowing that the end was within reach.

A massive right to the head again dropped Carlos, even harder, this time pitching him forward. Referee Lupe García saved Carlos, stopping the fight at two minutes and twenty seconds.

The intensity of willpower that had more than matched the firepower had been breathtaking. Most certainly, another candidate for Fight Of The Year.

Armistice declared the two fighters, who`d given their absolute all, and then dug even deeper to bring out yet extra sheer grit, embraced tenderly in mutual respect. A broad and even cheeky grin, from the still boyishly handsome face of Cuadras. A ghost of a smile from still champion Estrada. The strain of the supreme test etched on his pale, lean, chiseled face.

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman gently patted Juan Francisco on the head, congratulating him. We’d all just witnessed sheer greatness!

Estrada slipped out of the WBN Pound for Pound Top 10 for merely a week before cemented his place back there.