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The Eagle vs The Highlight: The betting odds, predictions and how to make a good buck out of the match

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Looks like it was ages ago when we were all cheering for getting all his heavyweight belts back again.  This was 2019.  Fast Forward to 2020, and Covid-19 happened.  We have witnessed many sporting events being cancelled, with some resuming only very recently, giving us enough time to place an odd  or two prior to the event being held. Some of the most significant matches and adversaries have made it back to the ring, and they promise us entertainment on full blast. One of the most sought after fighting matches is set to happen on Saturday the 24th of October, and we are here for it ladies and gents.

This time around we are not talking about heavyweight, it’s the UFC 254 we are talking about, and we cannot wait to tell you all about it.  Again, we see Russia take on the United States of America again with Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje. The Russian Eagle is aiming to end his sporting career on a high, and the ; Highlight’ has done wonders so far when it comes to his career.  Let us go back to May 9th at the UFC249 when he smashes his way through to the 5th round KOing his adversary Ferguson..  This has earned Gaethje the interim titleholder, and forget it if you thought that his stamina stops there. His eyes are set on the goal, and his mental state is ready to take it all, the Belt of Truth, the ultimate goal and the biggest title in MMA history.  The world’s best MMA lightweight fighter in the 155lbs division. 

If there is something we look forward to, it is the week of the match.  The weigh-ins, the media drama, and the face off of course.  The pay per view event is available to watch next Saturday night live from The Flash Forum on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, and we just cannot wait.  This will be the first time that Khabib will set foot in a boxing ring since 2019, and yes, you can blame the dear coronavirus for that.  The last time we saw him fight was against Ferguson in September 2019, so if he was ready to take over his opponent?

If there is something that Khabib is aiming for, it is to retain his glorious title and even more so, his undefeated 28-0 impeccable record.  If we have a look at Khabib’s career, a sizable portion of his victories came from TKO (Technical Knockout) or even KOs (Knockouts), with a further 10 matches via submission.  The fighter has been a stellar career, and it would be a shame to see him get his reputation tarnished with a loss. It is not the first time that Khabib aka The Eagle would need to defend his title, or as we say in MMA and boxing his belt. Looking back, in September 2019, he skimmed through the Poirier fight and managed to choke him for a win.  Before that, the world stopped and was looking forward to the much awaited fight between Khabib and McGregor, but of course we all know the outcome of that, and the world witnessed McGregor succumb to the greatness of Khabib’s fighting skills. 

If we had to take a closer look at Gaethje, the American opponent and contender, he might not have a stellar career path as yet, but the newbie has already served us with 22 wins and just 2 losses so far. The greatness of this athlete and fighter lies in the fact that he has secured 19 wins through TKOs and KOs. So now that we have some background to both these athletes, what are the odds and predictions?  Who will end up victorious in this epic battle of the titans?  And better question: who shall we bet on as punters?

Where to bet on the Khabib vs Gaethje fight?

To find the best sites to bet on the Khabib vs Gaethje fight, you just need to find a decent sportsbook or bookmaker that offers betting on UFC fights.  Simply head over to the sportsbook section, find the MMA in the list on the right and you will be able to see the odds and also generate a betslip according to the athlete who you will be supporting. Since this is one of those matches that has been on the radar for some time, The Eagle vs. The Highlight mixed martial arts match will also potentially grant you some additional freebies to boost your winnings.  First and foremost, if you have never placed a bet at an online sports site, you might even be eligible for a sportsbook welcome offer. This is where you can get a free bet to be able to bet on the fight or make your bet a chunkier one. 

What about the betting odds for the match?

If we had to ask an MMA fan who is more likely to win, the truth is, Khabib is the favourite, and the odds are also in his favour with a 1.33.  To be fair, are the odds always right and is it a clean enough fight to see us bet on Khabib and win?  Both of the fighters have a solid reputation and are those types of fighters that win with a KO, yet they are not so different in their fighting tactics and strategies.  Yet, if we had to look at some past strategies, Khabib’s fighting is more on the ground, and this could see him walk away with an advantage. On the other side of the ring, we also had some good stats about Geathje who promises to continue with his 7.74 strikes a minute and those strikes even landed him the 22 KOs and TKOs he boost about. Yet let us not forget that Khabib has a 67% defense rate and if we all think that the American fighter has an easy ride, think again. Khabib is a force to be reckoned with.  

The odds are always in favour of Khabib, yet the American is coming in the ring with all guns blazing.  Who will you place your bets on?

We highlighted before that Gaethje is all about TKOs and KOs, so if you bet on him landing that during the match, you could walk away with a 3.40 victory at Bet365.  On the other hand, if you head over to 22Bet, the odds of the fight ending up in a KTO or KO is listed at 2.35. Now let’s talk about Khabib, who has forced his 10 out of 28 opponents into submission. His fighting strategy has always been ground fights and he manages an impressive 5.25 takedowns per minute, along with a 50% success rate when he goes guns blazing to submission stage. 

The stamina for both fighters is quite impressive, and they all go in the ring like they were lions ready to kill, hence the line of bets is set at 4.5 as opposed to the 3.5 that we are all accustomed to.  Both of them never back down from a fight, both of them are skilled, and both fighters always take matches to the 5th round.  If we had to give our two pence of advise, we would always suggest that you go for a KO/ KTO at 22Bet, or even take it a step further with a ‘Go the distance bet’ at 2.38 at Betfair. 

Other betting options include combo bet that would include a type of victory achieved coupled with the round that the victory was achieved.  Eg, If you want to bet on Gaethje that we will secure a win in the 5th round with a KO/ TKO, the odds are listed at 36.00. This means that if he manages the win as the betslip, you will get 36 Euros for every 1 Euro that you bet. However, the best odds lie in the ‘Eagle’ athlete winning with a submission and that is priced at 12.00 at the Betfair sports site.  There are other betting options to delve in, these include the Double Chance, Winning at specific rounds, and such betting strategies could land you some of the best wins out there. 

What special betting strategies are there for The Eagle vs The Highlight?

If you want to earn some very good money with your match betting strategies, the betting should be on special bets and winning options. Some bets allow you to predict the exact time the KO will happen or even when the round will be stopped by the Referee. Other punters like to bet on when the match will evidently start, meaning when the fighters will go all in striking one another, and this could also bet at round 5. 

Other betting options include when the fight will end, it being a KO / TKO or not. Other betting options include an ending with a submission that is currently priced at a decent 3.10 AT 22Bet.  Your betting strategy is all yours, you are the punter and you know the game and the athletes. What we always suggest is to have a look at past trends for both fighters and enjoy the fun that this upcoming fight will bring. Happy betting!

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