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Eddie Hearn show delayed as boxers are hospitalized

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Injuries delayed Matchroom Boxing’s Saturday night show promoted by Eddie Hearn for what seemed an age as two fighters went to the hospital in Peterborough.

Presenter Anna Woolhouse and analyst Tony Bellew, a former world champion, were forced to fill in time for over half an hour.

The reason for the considerable gap in fights had to be outlined by Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith.

“Thomas Patrick Ward and Joseph Laws have both gone to the hospital,” revealed Smith. “Ward for the cut. We are awaiting the return of the ambulances.

“In this business, safety is the most important thing,” added Bellew.

Qais Ashfaq and Marc Leach had to stay warm as they waited for the medical staff to arrive back at the East of England Arena.

Brutal battles saw Ward and Laws fail to win their respective contests.

Thomas Essomba held Ward to a stalemate for the first time in his career after a cut from a head clash opened up in the seventh round.

The fight was then halted by officials at the end of the eighth round due to the gash’s nature. Ward went for treatment soon after.

As for Laws, the Newcastle man was severely beaten and stopped in three rounds by unknown quantity Rylan Charlton.

Laws, who went into the encounter at 9-0, was dropped in the opening session. Not learning from his mistakes, Joe Laws then continued to trade up close with the man known as the ‘Pint-size Powerhouse.’

Charlton, 28, kept digging into the body before moving up to the head and hurting Laws at every opportunity.

Rylan Charlton Eddie Hearn

Mark Robinson


An equilibrium-shattering shot to the top of the head in the third should have spelled the end for Laws. Referee Marcus McDonnell allowed the fight to continue.

The third man even called time as Laws was allowed to get his gumshield back. He was still on unsteady feet.

As expected, Charlton got the job done after Laws took at least two big shots he didn’t have to. Doctors then administered Oxygen as Laws took a long time to recover.

Ecstatic with the win, Charlton jokingly asked Hearn where his contract was in his aftermath interview.

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