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Can Manny Pacquiao vs Conor McGregor justify $99.95 on PPV?

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A forthcoming event involving eight-weight boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has opened up a debate on the potential cost of Pay Per View.

Pacquiao is due to face MMA superstar and stablemate Conor McGregor in an exhibition boxing match in 2021.

But if a fight between ex-Pacquiao foe Floyd Mayweather and McGregor was anything to go by, there could be some problems.

McGregor’s efforts against Mayweather were not worthy of a PPV event. He was soundly beaten, bereft of any real pugilistic skill, and then stopped by Mayweather.

The knockout represented Mayweather’s first early finish to a fight in almost six years and only his second in a decade. Proof McGregor was way out of his depth.

One thing that did go right for McGregor during the build-up was the press conferences. They were far more entertaining.

Therefore, Pacquiao and McGregor should get together to work out a good Pay Per View deal. Something along the lines of charging a fee for the full match-up coverage from kick-off press conferences to the bout ending.

Manny Pacquiao Conor McGregor

This way, any dissatisfaction, especially from real boxing fans, can be avoided.

An entertainer through and through on the outside of an octagon, McGregor is an engaging personality. But as far as boxing skills go, McGregor just doesn’t cut it.

The Irishman is on the verge of owning one of the worst boxing records in history. The worst to ever feature on PPV.


Despite any notions or thoughts from anyone, McGregor will be 0-2 after he faces Pacquiao. It just depends on how badly the Filipino Senator wants to beat him up.

No amount of speculation or opinions are going to change that. So putting a potential $99.95 price tag on such a one-sided contest is baffling.

What are punters actually paying for?

So, in a nutshell, Pacquiao vs. McGregor has to come as a package deal or have one hell of an undercard to justify the cost.

Whether that happens or not is a different story.

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