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What in the world is going on with Deontay Wilder?

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World Boxing News is usually at the forefront of reporting on the current situation regarding former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

Sadly, over recent times, this is becoming less and lesser the case.

Trying to get proper answers on what is going on with the American is a hard nut to crack.

Since being told Deontay Wilder would break his silence imminently and that his fight with Tyson Fury was happening in December, all hell has broken loose.

Wilder is seemingly no longer facing Fury in a 2020 trilogy, and the latter is moving on to pastures new.

Fury facing anyone in a ring – except for WWE’s Drew McIntyre – could have a devastating effect on Wilder’s future.

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Unless he puts the wheels in motion – or has already done so, to block Fury from putting his WBC belt on the line against him next, it could be curtains for Wilder’s chances of another world championship chance.

At present, Wilder could firmly be out of the loop as Fury eyes a homecoming fight in the coming weeks. Wilder doesn’t even seem as though he wants to fight it.

The contract was clear as day when the pair agreed to a rematch for 2019. Wilder gets another opportunity next – barring anyone else.

Nobody could have predicted coronavirus happening to block most planned bouts, so this gives Wilder ample opportunity to fight Fury’s movements. Even on social media, this has not been the case for Wilder.


Maybe ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is just too tied up with family life during the pandemic, or perhaps he’s no longer interested in Fury. Whatever is the situation may be, Deontay Wilder needs to outline his plans.

Legal action against Fury is a reliable option. Putting a block on, not his ability to fight as such – but Fury’s world title – has to be the order of the day.

If Fury defends and loses. Or if Fury defends successfully and tries to fight Anthony Joshua, Wilder has to have some input into this. He has to make sure his future opportunity is secure.

I fear, if he doesn’t, the United States won’t get a shot at the world heavyweight title anytime soon. It is that critical.

So Deontay, wherever your head is at, let your fans know what your intentions are as soon as possible.

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