Commentator says ‘I must break you’ before Russian boxer gets sparked

Jose Zepeda boxer Ivan Baranchyk

Mikey Williams

Boxer sparked – A re-watch of the potential Fight of the Year involving Jose Zepeda and Ivan Baranchyk brought to light one of the funniest moments in 2020 commentary.

As Tim Bradley and Bernado Osuna described the crazy bout on ESPN, the latter uttered the words ‘I must break you’ in homage to Rocky IV.

Baranchyk at that time looked dominant and was pretty much doing what he wanted with Zepeda in the ring.

But no sooner had the phrase happened, when Baranchyk’s fortunes took a turn for the worst.

In the end, Zepeda sparked the Russian out clean.


One of the lighter happenings in a terrible year for the sport, nothing could take away the fact that Bradley is one of the more annoying analysts around.

It was pretty hard to listen to the former world champion at times. He’s turned into a completely different character from his time as a fighter.

Usually quite reserved and not one to be that flamboyant, Bradley is now taking the ESPN role of Teddy Atlas in being the over-enthusiastic one.

Trained by Atlas in his later years, maybe the pair discussed the possibility? – Who knows?

At present, former boxer Bradley doesn’t seem to be doing himself any favors in his ringside position.

Moving on to the Navarrete victory recently, some fans gave Bradley their thoughts on his commentary.


Bradley won’t mind, though. After his’ victory’ over Manny Pacquiao, he’s used to taking a huge heap of flak after doing so in 2012.

In one of the worst decisions ever witnessed inside any ring, Bradley grasped a gift points win over the Filipino legend.

At the time, WBN aired extreme views on the ‘defeat’ as Pacquiao lost his world title in the worst way. The move subsequently earned Bradley two more fights with Pacquiao.

In both, we saw just how the first fight went. A significantly one-sided triumph for Pacquiao.

A good move for Top Rank, though. They made a hell of a lot of bread due to those three in-house clashes.

It’s just a pity Bradley still has such a high-profile position in what has become a highly annoying insight.

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