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Floyd Mayweather statement ignores YouTuber fight

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Floyd Mayweather discusses his future in the sport recently amidst speculation the former pound for pound king accepted an offer from a YouTuber.

Somebody linked ‘Money’ to accepting an exhibition over the coming months opposite a vlogger who outweighs him by over fifty pounds.

Mayweather made no mention whatsoever of the said presenter and didn’t even acknowledge the story.

The reports seem to be now merely social media guesswork that ultimately went viral.

Asked ‘are you getting ready for something?’ by Club Shay Shay in an interview, Mayweather outlined his future in a statement.

“I don’t know at this particular time, but I get calls all the time about doing exhibitions,” Mayweather told Club Shay Shay.

“Somebody in my staff sent me something about what I said about being a pioneer of exhibitions. I don’t want to say that I am the pioneer of exhibitions, but I would say as far as getting crazy money for exhibitions.

“I just got a number thrown at me not too long ago to do an exhibition.

“We are talking about numbers from 10 million to 70 million. I have talked about this a few times. It’s crazy that I am no longer competing in the ring, but it’s ok for me to make appearances still overseas and make 350 thousand.

“The Waltons are still making money from Walmart. Bill Gates is still making money. But I go out and do a little sparring or make appearances, and people say, oh Floyds hurting for money.

“One thing about me is I was brilliant. I got a brilliant team. I have a lot of smart people around me, and I made great investments. So I am not hurting at all.

“I got to where I got to by working not sitting around. Retirement for me is not just coming home sitting back and watching TV. I still want to go out and have fun.”


Addressing his show-fight with Conor McGregor in 2017, Mayweather believes this ultimately put the MMA star on the exhibition map.

McGregor is now pushing his self-promoted exhibitions, possibly one in December.

“Before Conor Mcgregor was an MMA fighter, he was a boxer,” said Floyd. “He never fought semi-pro, but he had some experience.

“The majority of his fights in the MMA were all standing up, so he had the fundamentals of boxing.

“It’s crazy that a causation guy can steal my whole remedy and become huge. It is what it is,” he added.

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