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Boxing Nutrition: The grave dangers of hyperhydration

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Boxing Nutrition – Drinking enough water every day is essential to maintain our health. It helps all the cells and organs of the body function properly, maintaining the balance of body fluids, thus transporting nutrients. It also helps us to regulate temperature and lubricate the joints.

Besides, adequate consumption helps us to dissolve minerals and nutrients so that they are more accessible to the body, optimize kidney function, to prevent urinary tract infections, control weight, maximize physical and mental performance, among many other benefits.

However, overhydration may provoke serious consequences, as it can trigger life-threatening cardiovascular, brain, and kidney problems.

Excess water consumption, better known as hyperhydration, occurs when the body receives more water than it eliminates; High-performance athletes, for example, drink excessive amounts of water to avoid dehydration. However, this condition can trigger hyperhydration.

However, this condition can also occur when the kidneys do generally not eliminate urine due to heart disease, kidney disease or liver disease, or premature babies whose kidneys have not yet matured.

Certain medications can also be the cause of people sensitive to the condition.

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-Dizziness or confusion


-Inflammation in the stomach, hands, and feet

-Difficulty breathing


-Intracranial pressure


-Potassium loss


What happens in the body when we ingest large amounts of water is that the kidneys are overwhelmed by the amount of fluid. Hence, the cells become inflamed because the sodium concentration in the blood falls to a too low level, causing a rapid inflammation of the organs with the brain being the most affected.

Knowing our body and how it works is the key to preventing this and other conditions, in this case, drinking water in sufficient quantities, distributed throughout the day, will avoid an imbalance in the body, promoting sports performance without falling into the abundance that can have grave consequences.

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