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‘If Tyson Fury can do it to Deontay Wilder, he can do it to AJ’

In the final installment of a recent interview, Jorge Capetillo revealed his thoughts on what Tyson Fury did to Deontay Wilder last February.

Using floorless tactics against an under-par Wilder, Fury bruised and battered the American in seven rounds at the MGM Grand.

A full capacity of 16,000 plus people witnessed the event as ‘The Gypsy King’ proved his place as the best heavyweight on the planet.

Now linked to a 2021 or 2022 blockbuster against British rival Anthony Joshua, who holds the other belts in the division, Fury is primed to be undisputed.

That’s provided he can do the same again in the third fight with Wilder.

Asked if Fury can do to Joshua what he did to Deontay Wilder, the Las Vegas cutman and trainer was adamant it was possible.

“Definitely. In the heavyweight division, we are only one punch away from a KO. And if he did what he did to Wilder, he can do against Anthony. Against anyone,” Capetillo told Marc Gatford via

Jorge Capetillo Tyson Fury robbed

Mikey Williams

On Fury lending Jorge a hand after he had a break-in at the gym during the lockdown, Capetillo added: “Tyson noticed that Jesse’s (Vargas) had his fight canceled. So he messaged me to say, ‘hey, how are you doing?’

“So I told him that we were robbed and our luck was down. He told me, ‘oh, don’t worry about it – let me send you some money so that your family is well.’

“He’s always texting me asking if we ever need anything. He’s the peoples’ champ. And he’s becoming a great man, a humble man: a great father and a great son.

“It’s beautiful to be around him,” pointed out the Mexican.


Credited with saving Fury’s undefeated record against Otto Wallin in the summer of 2019, Capetillo keeps close ties with the 32-year-old.

This is despite Stitch Duran replacing him for the Deontay Wilder rematch. Who knows if Capetillo will be back in the corner for the trilogy.

One thing is for sure, Capetillo will always be around camp when Fury is in town for a fight.

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