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Floyd Mayweather stays in shape, teaches in the gym

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Floyd Mayweather has discussed keeping himself in shape and teaching his children how to keep themselves safe just in case something happens.

The former pound for pound sat down with Club Shay Shay recently and outlined what he’s doing now that he’s retired.

On how hard it is to train people when you are arguably the greatest fighter of all time, Mayweather said: “I would teach my son how to protect himself and protect his family just in case I’m no longer here.

“You still have to be the man in your home, and you have to protect your loved ones, so that’s why I try to teach my children, my two boys, as well as my daughters. It’s all about protection.

“Not to go out and make trouble but to protect yourself, just in case hypothetically something happens down the line.

“As far as training other fighters, a great athlete can’t be a great trainer. I try to be the best that I can be.

Gervonta Davis Floyd Mayweather

“I am not looking forward to a fighter being the next Floyd Mayweather. Hopefully, we can find the next Floyd Mayweather, and we can do record-breaking numbers.

“But everything takes time, and I am going to continue to go out there and give back to the sport of boxing.”


He continued by talking about his fitness regime, by saying: “Lately, I have been running.

“When I was competing, I was running miles. Now I run thirty minutes to an hour. It all depends on how I feel on that day.

“Every once and a while, I hit the heavy bag. I jump rope, do push-ups and sit up regularly – just for myself.

“I believe that your health is your wealth. You don’t want to make a fortune in the sport and let yourself get out of shape, so I try to work out just for myself.

“I was a world champion at five different weight classes. But when I was competing at the highest level, it was mainly at 147 and 154.

“So I kept my weight around 150 – 155,” he concluded.

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