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Home » Conor McGregor has ‘puncher’s chance’ vs. Manny Pacquiao

Conor McGregor has ‘puncher’s chance’ vs. Manny Pacquiao

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Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett says UFC fighters can make an impact in boxing. Pickett believes Conor McGregor has “a puncher’s chance” of upsetting Manny Pacquiao – and he has experience of both codes.

He was an amateur boxer before he switched to MMA and became a UFC legend.

Pickett is currently fighting bareknuckle – he won his debut in 20 seconds last year – and said: “There are differences between MMA and boxing, but a fight is a fight.

“In MMA, we start on our feet and spend a lot of time on our feet.

“I believe 100 percent that UFC fighters can do well in pro boxing. Conor has one of the best sets of hands in the UFC, and Dustin Poirier could do well.

“Most MMA fighters have done some boxing, and my boxing skills improved from fighting MMA.”


Pickett spelled out why he gives McGregor an outside chance of beating Pacquiao.

He said: “I know it’s a money fight, a fight made to make money, and I pick Pacquiao to win, but he is past his prime and Conor is a lot bigger.

“Floyd Mayweather let McGregor punch himself out and then took over, but Pacquiao takes chances, and Conor has a puncher’s chance.

“I don’t think he will be embarrassed or outclassed. I think he will prove he belongs being in there – but will fall short.”

Pickett is now looking to conquer the world of bareknuckle boxing.

He said: “Bareknuckle boxing is like MMA was in the early days with some people disagreeing with it.

“But it’s growing and getting good level fighters on board.

“The more they pay, the better fighters they attract and so the sport’s reputation grows.

“People don’t want to see two fat guys windmilling for a session and then running out of steam.

“They want to see two good fighters fighting each other, and that’s what bareknuckle boxing is delivering.”