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Home » Rival manager deletes astonishing personal attack on Josh Taylor

Rival manager deletes astonishing personal attack on Josh Taylor

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Scotland’s Josh Taylor has been the subject of an astonishing rant by the manager of his prospective future opponent in Jose Ramirez.

Rick Mirigian, who looks after the affairs of two-belt super lightweight champion Ramirez, has been a vocal detractor of Taylor recently.

Following Taylor’s first-round victory last weekend, Mirigian branded his opponent an ‘Uber driver’ and blasted the ‘Tartan Tornado’ for celebrating the win.

Going even further, Mirigian took to social media to given what he called ‘a first-round KO’ of his own as he got highly personal with Taylor.

WBN will only publish some of what Mirigian controversially stated. The rest was on Mirigian’s accounts, which has since disappeared.

He began: “Let the games begin! Josh Taylor wants to talk s— with me? Ha! Here is a 1st round KO!

1.) You’re coming to America to fight Ramirez because your own home HATES you! Look at the glorious headlines recently from your town, very fitting for a home loved “Chump” I mean “Champion.”

2.) You said Ramirez and his manager are “twitching” right now, NO, that’s…(Mirigian goes on to make accusations on Taylor’s personal life).

3.) You tried to fight and attack a poor doorman and told him he is not a real fighter. Well, we all know that you like fighting doorman.

4.) Even more highly personal accusations.

5.) Talks about Taylor’s much-publicized arrest in 2019.

6.) Rants on the court proceedings.


It could have quickly escalated. Mirigian did the right thing to remove what he wrote. But the bad blood between both sides has undoubtedly been ramped up.

Bob Arum, who promotes Ramirez and Taylor, has made the fight a high priority for 2021. It seems that when it does, fireworks are going off big time.

Taylor will not be pleased with Mirigian’s public outbursts and personal insults. Those words will only make any situations where each side is present all the more awkward.

If Ramirez vs. Taylor wasn’t a huge enough event, barbs traded across respective fences already have the fans sitting by with their popcorn.

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