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Book Review: Ashley Theophane – Raised by the Hood

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Former British champion and Mayweather Promotions fighter Ashley Theophane has released a personal book on his life and times growing up and in the sport.

‘Treasure’ – who rode with Floyd Mayweather and his crew for some years after claiming UK glory, took on some of the best fighters around from Danny Garcia to Adrien Broner.

Fighting for a world title in 2016 and fighting in Las Vegas many times, Theophane far exceeded predictions of his post-career achievements.

Growing up in a tough London neighborhood, Theophane fought his way out and is now a role model for others who find it difficult.

‘Raised by the Hood’ is a true story of hardship and triumph. Plus, the success of a positive attitude in those adverse times.

With a dream and determination, Ashley is a real role model for youngsters. No boxing fan will be disappointed that they picked up this book and began reading.


Purchase Ashley Theophane’s ‘Raised by the Hood’ at HERE


Having trained with some of the world’s greatest fighters in the toughest gyms from London to Brooklyn, Ashley has forged an enviable reputation for carving his path in the sport.

He was managing himself in the nascent years of his professional career and, at the same time, fighting across the globe to build his impressive boxing credentials.

Born and raised in a challenging area of London, negativity thrived. Ashley knew destiny called him for something greater than what the habitats accepted as their fate.

The negativity around Ashley motivated him to achieve success. He focused on the positive around him. He has never looked back.

With no money behind him and little support back in the UK, he set off to New York, aged 22. Ashley fought in the small halls across the world, training relentlessly and sparring with the very best.

He learned the art of winning and beginning the long road back to Wembley. His recent British title fight victory against Lenny Daws, followed by a stunning title defense against former European champion Jason Cook.

From the humblest of origins and the murkiest of backgrounds, his regeneration has not gone unnoticed in the boxing world and broader media.

For some, he remains mysterious and a softly spoken ‘outsider.’ He’s a fighter that has let his talent do the talking.

For others, he offers the very best traits that any mentor or role model has to offer – having ‘been there, done that’ and with the battle scars, confidence, and humility to prove it.

It’s a journey that has propelled Ashley Theophane into a genuine world title contender and the boxing elite. This fighter understands and exemplifies the art, tactics, and reading of the sport as critical physical conditioning.

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