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Boxing Nutrition: Why plenty of water is so important

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By Dr. Philip Goglia, the WBC Nutrition Committee Chairman, once again updates on Boxing Nutriton with his advice.

Water regulates temperature. As we drink water, it circulates through us and creates a perspiration / sweat pattern that in turn regulates our temperature so that we operate efficiently within the various environments we move through daily.

Without correct water consumption our bodies will perceive the inability to manage temperature through sweat as trauma. Our bodies hate trauma and will in turn, adapt to maintain homeostasis, survival and metabolic balance.

Our body’s adaptive mechanisms will always hoard and collect things to protect us. The hoarding and collecting mechanism is an insulaltory thermostat that will act as a survival mechanism as it hoards and collects fat under our skin to act as insulation to maintain our temperature because of the initial lack of proper water consumption and perspiration pattern.

Water is the best beverage before and during a workout after establishing a sweat rate with water that provides a temperature pattern sufficient enough to manage correct range of motion and strength.

The general rule of thumb for inactive lifestyles is ½ ounce water per 1 pound of body weight consumed daily; if active the rule is up to 1 ounce of water per 1 pound of body weight. The definition of water is fish must swim in it, not sparkling not mineral water not tonic water plain old water that fish swim in… that’s water.