Adrien Broner has ‘changed’ but he’s still promising to f*** MF’s up

Adrien Broner

Esther Lin

Adrien Broner is no longer a ‘Problem’ if you believe the man himself as the multi-weight champion prepares for a return to action.

Ahead of a touted clash with Ivan Redkach, Broner is still talking a good game. His loss to Manny Pacquiao is firmly behind him.

Cincinnati’s finest fighter spoke on ‘the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer’ this week.

During the conversation, Broner chatted about his mental health, a recent trip to jail, his big comeback, his next opponent, and how his time off has changed him.

Broner also tells Custer why he doesn’t need to fight Devin Haney and talks about his 10-million-dollar demand to Al Haymon and Showtime.

“I do more thinking before I do things now; at first, it was just like on the go. Whatever I just never thought about it, I just did it, and that somewhat got me in certain situations, but now I try to think about things and try to do things the right way,” Broner told Custer.

Adrien Broner Ivan Redkach
Amanda Westcott

On his next fight, which has already been confirmed by Redkach, Broner was in his usual bullish mood.

“I would love to go in there and stop him; it’ll be a good fight, especially with me coming off of two years. I don’t care as long as my money right.

“We are going to have a hell of a fight. But I’m going to fuck him up, though. He asked for it; he’s been begging for it.”

Asked whether trading blows with Devin Haney could be in the future, Broner replied: “I don’t need Devin Haney. Devin Haney needs Adrien Broner.

“Let’s be honest, what do I get knocking out Devin Haney…nothing! Everyone will be like he’s supposed to do that he’s bigger, faster, stronger, Broner just did what he’s supposed to do.

“I’ve got everything to lose against a Devin Haney. I’ve got nothing to win from that.”


As he pushes into his 30s, the fighter who seems to have been around forever is fully aware time is short.

“I understand I only got one window, and my window is closing,” he pointed out. “I’m still young. But I know that my window is closing.

“I’ve done a lot of things early in my career, but now is the time to make the most lucrative decisions, and that’s all I’m doing at this point.”‘

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