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De La Hoya talks titles following Pacquiao WBA debate

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WBN spotlighted Manny Pacquiao and the state of recognized belts in the sport earlier this month. The sourness has since taken on a life of its own.

Recently, Ryan Garcia responded to promoter Oscar De La Hoya as the Golden Boy boss discussed the importance of titles in the modern boxing era.

A debate has recently opened up on belts as boxers concentrate on racking up their social media following during lockdown.

One colossal point discussed was who is the current welterweight champion with the WBA. The talking point came following Yordenis Ugas winning the WBA’ regular’ strap.

Pacquiao already holds that title. Despite this fact, Ugas declared himself the first Cuban in 50 years to win a version of the 147-pound crown.

De La Hoya spoke to ESPN when asked how the younger generation feels about claiming their stepping stone trinkets to the top.

The ten-time world champion proudly showed off his wide range inside a trophy cabinet.

De La Hoya

“I can understand why fighters say, ‘belts don’t matter because they don’t fight for what we fight for. We fought for glory’, De La Hoya told Mario Lopes and Steve Kim on the 3-knockdown Rule.

“We fought for the actual belt because the actual belt meant something.”

Garcia confirmed De La Hoya’s point by saying, ‘Because there are a million of them.’

This subject is causing contention and concern in the sport as social media influence takes a more prominent stance than a professional record.

As Floyd Mayweather continues to be linked to facing a YouTuber solely due to his amount of subscribers, it’s not hard to see why this is becoming the case.

Boxers don’t even have to amass an astonishing C.V. anymore. They get millions of fans to follow them, and they can fight the best around on Pay Per View.

Manny Pacquiao Conor McGregor


Manny Pacquiao seems to be on the same path as a battle with Conor McGregor remains a huge talking point. Potentially before a run for President of the Philippines in 2022.

As the conversation surrounding the future of boxing rages on, respected coach Kevin Cunningham adds his view into the mix.

“This new generation of fighters wants money and fame without putting in the work,” he pointed out. “That’s why most of them can’t handle a coach that keeps it honest with them.

“It makes me sick when I see a fighter doing things fundamentally wrong. The coach is too scared to correct him.”

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