Dear Floyd Mayweather, for the sake of boxing please say it isn’t true

Dear Floyd Mayweather


Former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather remains silent on whether he’ll be making a comeback to action before the end of 2020.

Rumors started by ‘social media influencers’ have been taken on board by the major media outlets, simply because nobody knows if they’re real.

One thing we always know about Floyd Mayweather, though, is the fact that if he doesn’t say it – then you don’t believe it.

That’s the WBN stance on things right now. We, like many, many others, hope Mayweather goes nowhere near fighting a YouTuber.

Keeping those two worlds separate – by as far as possible – is essential for the future of our sport. It’s a complete necessity.

Grassroots level right up to domestic status around the world will suffer at the hand of this dangerous event.

Giving young boxers the belief that they no longer have to work their way up the ladder and use blood, sweat, and tears to make it to the top can kill a considerable portion of boxing.

As titles begin to become useless, the last thing we need is for records to also fall by the wayside.

Floyd Mayweather

YouTubers are looked at for their subscribers when being linked to exhibitions with the likes of Mayweather. Whether they have a record or not doesn’t even come into the equation.

If this is the future of our sport, there could be a massive divide on the horizon.

Demand from millennials to see their favorite YouTuber fighting a top fighter could become the norm. Eventually, that system can overtake the current one in place.

Earning your stripes in the ring before putting in the groundwork with your promoter to eventually sell tickets and make it to Pay Per View will be dead as a formula.

The process then means in ten years; there would be no more boxing superstars – only social media part-timers who moonlight as boxers. Our whole existence is at stake.

So using the small platform I have as the Editor of the most visited independent boxing website in the world, I’m pleading with Floyd Mayweather to rebuff any advances to fight a YouTuber.


Dear Floyd Mayweather, I beg you not to lower our sport any further than it already has been by the notion of less-than-amateurs begin given passes as professionals.

None of those who have so far stepped inside the ropes have been anywhere near worthy. It’s merely an exercise for the younger generation to watch their favorite presenter.

Loyal boxing fans don’t want this. We don’t need this, and we will not purchase this. You are risking damage to your legacy if you accept this fight.

Signed – The Real Fans of Boxing.

PS. Please don’t. Please.

The views expressed in this article are that of the Editor, Phil Jay. WBN celebrated its 10th Anniversary on August 1st, 2020, and is one of the top-visited boxing news websites in the world. Phil Jay is an Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay