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Amir Khan may retire after accepting WBC Middle East post

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Olympic silver medalist Amir Khan may have fought for the final time after a new job was accepted in the Middle East this week.

In an announcement this weekend, the former super-lightweight world champion was named the new WBC President for the region.

Khan is a long-time advocate for the development of boxing in the region. He will promote the first card in Islamabad on October 3.

WBC overall President Mauricio Sulaiman saw Khan as the perfect choice for the role.

Right-hand man Taz Khan will act as WBC Middle East Council Vice President.

Sulaimán stated: “I am confident that under the leadership of Champion Amir Khan. The culturally diverse Middle East region will provide a unique platform for the proper development of our sport.

“With time, we hope the Middle East can produce a new batch of WBC Champions.

“There is a lot of undiscovered talent in the region. The WBC is particularly eager to develop female boxing and amateur boxing there as well.

“Champion Amir Khan has already taken the initial steps to develop boxing in Pakistan.

“The WBC and its Board of Governors are confident that under the WBC umbrella, Champion Khan’s efforts will extend through the region.”

“I am incredibly honored to announce Champion Khan’s appointment. I witnessed my dear late father, José Sulaimán, the Lifetime President of the WBC, express to Amir his dream of developing boxing in the Middle East.

“My father, son of a Lebanese father and Syrian mother. They recognized the potential of that region. Plus, the need for structured development.

“A good foundation that would produce great champions. Champions who give back to the community to improve their health and mental and physical wellbeing.


“I am incredibly pleased to be able to say that we take the first step to make his dream come true.

“With the newly created WBC Middle East Boxing Council, Champion Amir will realize our joint vision. He will positively contribute to the development of boxing with the participation and cooperation of its prospective member countries in the Middle East region.

“We all look forward to a journey of great results for the benefit of the youth of the world,” he added.

Following a fight in Saudi Arabia last summer, it’s evident Khan is beginning to wind down his career after sixteen years at the forefront.

Billy Dib succumbed to Khan with ease in what could be his last bout.

Joining forces with the WBC seems an excellent move for him. Times are changing.

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