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Fundraiser aims to Mike Tyson conqueror Danny Williams fighting

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A fundraiser has begun taking donations to stop former Mike Tyson conqueror Danny Williams from ever fighting again.

At 47, Williams lost for the 29th time in Germany last week. The Briton was stopped by a kickboxer making his professional debut.

Despite immediately announcing his retirement for what seems to be the tenth time, a fan wants to raise money to ensure Williams sticks to his word.

Danny Williams

A £100,000 target (around $140,000) is confirmed, and the page has already attracted some high-profile supporters.

American promoter Lou DiBella has chipped in £250 to help Williams. At the same time, ex-world champion Paulie Malignaggi shared the page with his followers.

Both urged boxing to get behind Williams.

“Most fighters don’t have pensions. Their kids don’t have college funds. Danny Williams has fought long enough to support his fam. Boxing people, let’s help him walk away,” stated DiBella.

Mike Tyson conqueror Danny Williams

Malignaggi added: “Most people see just the glitz and glamor of boxing, but this side of it is less broadcasted.

“Guys like Danny Williams have families yet no longer have the capability to compete in this brutal sport safely.”

As always, some don’t like the concept of donations to fighters who should know when to retire themselves.

If every boxer had a fund, hundreds of millions would be needed to save every single pugilist who wanted to carry on. That would be a considerable percentage of retirees.

Luckily, some have enough cash to do so. Others have to through health issues.

For Williams, the need to accept offers from Europe is seemingly too hard to turn down. He repeatedly steps away, only to return within months.


One detractor doesn’t see how ‘The Brixton Bomber,’ who once stopped Mike Tyson in a Pay Per View fight, deserves the free money.

“Go fund Danny Williams? I’m sorry, but let’s get it right, he’s a grown man. If he has big bills to pay and didn’t invest his money correctly, why in God’s name should we be paying for him?

!Take that fund me page and poke it up your a— whoever made it,” they said bluntly.

Hopefully, Williams can now find peace as he approaches his fifties and can fend off the need to get back in the ring in the future.

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