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Trainer threatens to quit boxing if Mayweather fights YouTuber

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Trainer Rick Ramos, the man behind one of only two undisputed champions on the planet, has threatened to walk away from boxing if recent Floyd Mayweather rumors are true.

Ramos, who coached Jessica McCaskill to a shock victory over Cecilia Braekhus over the summer, made the tongue-in-cheek ultimatum on Wednesday.

It comes as social media became awash due to scary reports that Floyd Mayweather was considering giving a no-hoper with limited boxing skills the time of day.

“If Floyd Mayweather fights (YouTuber), I will close my gym and never coach or manage any fighters again. 2020 is out of control,” said Ramos, as millennials shrieked at the prospect of their favorite YouTube channel presenter taking part in such an event.

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Sadly, some clueless commenters believe ‘he has a chance because he’s bigger.’ Unfathomable.

The hope is that Mayweather is merely playing games with the media and is not considering such an exhibition. But knowing Floyd, it probably is a possibility.

If there’s big money to made, you can bet Floyd Mayweather is sitting at that table as he is continuously looking at how he can get a slice of the pie.

In the past, Mayweather has fought an MMA fighter and a kickboxer in similar showcases. But this is massively different. Mayweather would be facing a controversial online millionaire who is bereft of ring craft and skill.

Mayweather taking part will certainly be damaging to his reputation longer term.


Arguments that Muhammad Ali did similarly in his exhibitions are all good and well. But at least he fought professional athletes.

It truly is shocking where boxing is heading as promoters and those who fear losing a generation of fans to platforms like Triller and TikTok attempt to take advantage of the culture.

Giving anyone who has enough money or a significant following a pair of gloves, the spotlight alongside a 50-0 legend of the sport is shocking.

They don’t deserve it, and they have not worked hard enough for it. It’s as simple as that.

I have to say I’m with Ramos. I, too, might even consider that same route myself if this is where our beloved sport is heading.

Furthermore, a second fight with Manny Pacquiao – if any, is the order of the day for Floyd.

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