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Boxing Nutriton: The Importance of meal prep and a balanced diet

Regardless of whether you are a prize-fighting world champion or an amateur training for a small house show, preparation is and always will be key.

Ask any trainer and they are quick to tell you the importance of taking in the correct nutrition because every fighter needs the best fuel to be successful.

Boxing is not a game that you play in. You do not step into a ring across from another person who is bidding to knock you out to play. Without the right preparation, you risk not only losing the battle, but also serious injury. Rest assured that your opponent is not slacking in training, they are not ordering late-night takeaways and they certainly aren’t missing a beat. You have to do everything your rival is willing to do and more.

Fueling with Meal Prep

While box office fighters such as Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Canelo Alvarez all benefit from having a team around them during fight camp to take care of their every need, ensuring they are adequately prepared, amateurs do not have that same luxury. Grassroots boxers are responsible for their own intake and, to ensure they don’t slip behind during training, many prep their meals throughout the week.

This means that, on days when they get home late after work when you might be most likely to order a pizza instead of going to the effort of cooking a healthy meal, all that is required for them is to put a meal in the microwave. Some prepare meals themselves, others invest in pre-cooked meals. One such dish could be a fueled Chicken Matzo Ball Soup, which is perfect when cooked with Publix skinless boneless chicken breast. It comes with carrots and 2 large eggs which makes it a protein rich meal for any boxer. For the full recipe visit Publix weekly ads.

By doing so, fighters enjoy a balanced meal that gives them the nutrients they need to push them in training and on fight night. The hard rounds are won by the fighters that remain disciplined in all areas of their life.

You Must Know What You are Eating

Nutrition and knowing its value is an essential part of being a sportsman because you have to understand the value of what you are putting into your body. Knowing what your body requires to achieve your targets, what makes you strong, and how much you need.

In boxing, you need to not only make sure your body is in fighting condition but that it is at fighting weight come weigh-in day. If you are a pound over the limit, the fight is off or, at least, you concede a percentage of the purse and the potential to win a championship which, at the end of the day, is what it is all about.

Some tips that we recommend to educate yourself from a nutritional perspective include:

  •  – Read up on bacteria vulnerability
  • – Speak to a nutritionist and/or personal trainer about a personalized diet plan tailored to your program
  • – Portion control and check nutritional values on packaging
  • – Understand the need to include each of the different food groups as part of your diet

Eat Clean and Fight to Win

It is easy to tell when a fighter has not had a successful training camp, either because they have slacked in the gym, with their diet or a combination of the two. Fighters that eat clean and train dirty are, more often than not, the ones who have their hand raised at the end of the night…that is why champions never forget to prep their meal!