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Home » Floyd Mayweather ‘will come back’ – it won’t be Pacquiao II

Floyd Mayweather ‘will come back’ – it won’t be Pacquiao II

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will be returning to action inside the ropes in the future, that’s that view of his recent early hours sparring partner.

Denis Douglin, who received a wake-up call to share a ring with Mayweather over the summer, firmly believes the ex-pound for pound king is on the way back.

Videos of Floyd Mayweather sparring while training fighters in his Las Vegas gym have gone viral of late. It’s thought an exhibition fight is on the cards.

Douglin, known as ‘Momma’s Boy’ as his mother trains him, says this is the case, and it won’t be an essential name like Manny Pacquiao.

“I don’t think he’ll come back and fight the top guys like Errol Spence (Manny Pacquiao) or Terrence Crawford,” Douglin told Vegas Insider. “But I do think he’ll come back and probably do some exhibition matches because he loves the sport and being a competitor.

“I don’t think, at this time, he’ll put himself in a position to hurt himself seriously.”

Floyd Mayweather Denis Douglin


He continued by reiterating his position on Floyd: “One hundred percent. I think he could come back.

“As a fighter, it’s amazing to see another fighter, especially an African-American fighter. Floyd is doing so well, making so much money, having fun, milking the game – so why not keep going?

“If you’re safe and you feel protected, and you’re smart, I wanna say keep going.”


Mayweather is a fresh 43-year-old, mainly due to the fact he hardly ever got hit during his illustrious career.

Through 50 bouts, you can count on one hand how many times the ‘Money’ man was in trouble during a contest.

The likes of Shane Mosley, Zab Jubah, and Marcos Maidana immediately spring to mind when thinking of Mayweather even taking a flush shot.

But the real fact of the matter is Floyd Mayweather can still compete because he’s just that good.

If he wanted to, he could face any of the top stars in today’s list of champions. He’d probably give the majority of them a boxing lesson.

“You could even say from 147 to 154 pounds this would be the case.

He’s simply the best fighter of a generation. His remarkable accomplishments just won’t be fully recognized until further time passes.

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