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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Shane Mosley backs Canelo in bid to sue De La Hoya

EXCLUSIVE: Shane Mosley backs Canelo in bid to sue De La Hoya

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Former pound for pound contender ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley reached out to WBN this week as it was announced that Canelo was taking action against his own employers.

A $365 million contract, which at the time was the biggest in sports history, has turned sour for the Mexican superstar.

Mosley, who joined forces with De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins to establish Golden Boy in 2002, says he’s still vying for compensation.

“I feel for these fighters like Canelo. Golden Boy has been taking advantage of its fighters for years. That’s me included,” Mosley exclusively told World Boxing News. “I’ve had legal action against them for years.

“That’s why I posted the story up telling Canelo to get at me. I have spent about a million dollars suing them to get my ownership back that they wrongly took.

“I hate seeing other fighters getting screwed over,” he added.

Canelo Alvarez Pound for Pound

Strong words from Mosley, who has had his troubles in the courtroom with messy divorce proceedings against his ex-wife.

But the ex-world champion remains strong-willed and focused on the positive.

In his latest offering of guidance, Mosley said: “I’ve learned many things in my journey so far. One big lesson I learned is about ego.

“Mastering our ego can take a lifetime, but if we stay humble, we can learn to become partners with our ego now so we don’t let it lead us down the wrong path.

“It comes with practice, but inflated ego never helped anyone stay on top so it’s something I always worked on.

“Stay Humble, but Be confident in the work I put in. This is one huge thing I learned.

“Thought to share it in case anyone was listening to that ego instead of humbling themselves to gain some perspective before acting.

“Our actions have consequences. Move like your steps will have a reaction because they do. Peace,” he stated.


As for Canelo, his career is about to go through the most testing time of all. What the outcome will be nobody knows.

Seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and the freedom to control his destiny could mean his next fight is a long way away.

Promoter De La Hoya, who is making a comeback to the ring at 47, faces losing his biggest asset. Furthermore, the pair have worked together successfully for years.

Shane Mosley was even linked to being De La Hoya’s opponent for his return, although he quickly moved to squash rumors he would fight again.

“I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t,” said the boxing legend.

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