Gervonta Davis addresses viral ‘battering’ footage that led to his arrest

Gervonta Davis

Mayweather Promo

Gervonta Davis recently addressed the shocking footage from earlier this year of the champion boxer man-handling the mother of his children.

Davis, currently preparing for his Pay Per View debut, was the subject of mass debate back in February.

A viral clip of Davis storming into a basketball game and frog-marching the woman eventually saw ‘Tank’ arrested.

Speaking to Brian Custer on ‘The Last Stand’ podcast, Davis didn’t shy away. In fact, Davis revealed he sought help for his anger.

“I had to talk to somebody professionally to know how to deal with stuff in the future,” Davis told Custer.

“Because you don’t agree with something, react on it, or deal with it a different kind of way besides going out there and touching somebody physically.

“Just go out there and talk to them, so yes I did talk to someone professionally about that situation.”

At the time, Coral Gables Police released a statement on Davis. They said: “As a result of an ongoing investigation after being notified through social media and the victim, on Feb. 1, 2020, (Gervonta Davis) was observed battering his former girlfriend, who have a child together.

“(Davis) surrendered himself, to the Coral Gables Police detectives assigned to the case.”


Obviously not facing any jail time or significant damage to his career, it was only the reputation of Davis that took a knock.

Since then, the Floyd Mayweather fighter has knuckled down with his mentor and is in a far better place.

With his career ready for a huge boost against Leo Santa Cruz in October, Davis has much to look forward to after putting the incident behind him.

A win over Santa Cruz is set to lead to many massive events for Davis, who is a proven ticket seller and a star in the making.

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