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Time running out for the world’s most controversial heavyweight

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Much has been written by WBN on the fact that undefeated heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy was rated as highly as tenth by the World Boxing Association.

Back in 2018, World Boxing News brought the subject to attention due to the fact Lovejoy enjoyed one of the most unwarranted rankings in any list.

Lovejoy’s list of opponents left a lot to be desired – even back then. After thirteen straight first-round knockouts, the American’s opposition boasted a mere 27 wins between them all.

That’s an average of just over two wins each.

Despite this fact, Lovejoy was in position at number 15 to challenge the current ruler Anthony Joshua.

One year later, and another five knockouts later – all but two in the opening session (again) – Lovejoy had unbelievably moved up five places.

Without losing a fight and adding another first-round victory back in January, the WBA rewarded Lovejoy by dropping him completely from their list.

WBA Heavyweight rankings July 2020

Whether pressure from media or fans was the reason we will never know. But Lovejoy has polarized anyone who has dissected his C.V. up close.

It’s completely unfathomable how a fighter whose combined foes have recorded just 51 victories between 19 of them can be even considered for a title shot.

That has been the case for over two years regarding Lovejoy. In the end, some sense was finally found by or force upon those overseeing the ratings.


Now, at the age of 36, time is fast running out for the ‘Pretty Boy’ to make a real and lasting impression on the division.

He has to step up his opposition, especially now that the pandemic has stalled most careers at the top end of the heaviest weight class.

Even accepting an offer to fight in the United States would be a start. The Mexican heavyweight scene, where Lovejoy has campaigned his entire career, leaves a lot to be desire right now.

There are only just over one hundred 200 pounds plus boxers based in Mexico at the moment. The top-ranked of those is just 8-0.

Therefore, Lovejoy has to push on for the sake of his own legacy. To try to create something he can at least look back on a be proud of.

The only way he can do this is to fight some live opposition. And to test himself to see just how good he can be.

Here’s hoping.

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