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Andre Berto cringes at De La Hoya vs Khan chatter

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The last bonafide professional boxer to share the ring with Floyd Mayweather has raised his eyebrows at reports of a clash between Oscar De La Hoya and Amir Khan.

Speaking during training for his return to action, Andre Berto asked, ‘is he really coming back’ in regards to De La Hoya after initially cringing when Elie Seckbach put the question to him (at around one minute of the video below).

Andre Berto

Berto fought Mayweather in September 2015, just after the boxing legend had defeated Manny Pacquiao. It was the last of a six-fight Showtime deal for Mayweather and the final real boxing match of his career.

Since then, the ‘Money’ man has fought Conor McGregor and Tenshin Nasukawa, an MMA fighter and a kickboxer, with continued success.

When they fought, Mayweather defeated Berto with ease in what was a promised fight for the latter. Keeping his word from a previous discussion about facing each other, Floyd actually picked Berto over Khan for the cash bonanza encounter.

Khan recently asked his fans what they thought of a battle with De La Hoya, who is coming back at age 47.

In what is a serious plot twist, Khan was promoted by De La Hoya during the height of his career. This angle would certainly help to sell any subsequent Pay-Per-View.

De La Hoya vs Khan

“I heard Oscar De La Hoya is thinking of making a comeback. Oscar Dela Hoya vs Amir Khan?” pondered Khan.

De La Hoya is said to be training like a demon as he attempts to continue the trend of several 1990s superstars making shock comebacks.

Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Roy Jones Jr. have already set out on their journey to fight again. All our in their 50s, though.

It seems Khan, ever the businessman, has got a distinct whiff of an opportunity. He would undoubtedly have a big youth advantage in any contest with the ‘Golden Boy.’

The Bolton man isn’t the first to be linked to fighting De La Hoya. Jermell Charlo and even his own star boxer in Canelo have both been mentioned in the same breath.

Even Floyd Mayweather himself is consistently reported to be training to make his way back. An exhibition in Japan remains the favorite option.

Mayweather has been out of action since New Year’s Eve of 2018.

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