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Home » Boxing takes a backseat as Manny Pacquiao Jr. rakes in commercial deals

Boxing takes a backseat as Manny Pacquiao Jr. rakes in commercial deals

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Manny Pacquiao Jr. was all about boxing in 2019 as the teenager trained more than ever and participated in several amateur bouts.

Scoring three victories before suffering a first loss, Pacquiao Jr. got guided by his father to what many thought would be a professional run.

A year on, and Jr. – known as Jimuel – is raking in cash from several sponsorship deals via his Instagram account.

Promotional ties with the Face Republic (promoting moisturizer at the age of 19), BNY Jeans, Frontrow Marketing, and Marriot Hotels. In the wake of COVID-19, even face masks have netted the youngster a tidy sum.

Pacquiao Jr

Therefore, boxing can take a backseat as Pacquiao decides whether to get punched for a living or smile at a photographer.

It’s a far cry from his famous father’s days in the early 1990s.

Pacquiao Sr. was merely a struggling and skinny warrior with a dream when he was at the humble beginnings of what would be one of the best careers the sport has ever seen.

Eight weight world championships later and Pacquiao has paved the way for his children to be whatever their hearts desire.

Whether a boxer, a model, or a promoter of face creams, Jimuel has the world as his feet – or his fists. Whichever he chooses.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s other son Michael is now a budding entertainer in his own right.

Pacquiao has been performing during lockdown restrictions as the younger brother of Jimuel harbors hopes of breaking out as a rapper.

Pacquiao Sr

As for dad’s next move, that’s unknown at the moment. We know that the WBA welterweight champion may only have one fight left.

This is due to what looks to be a blank fight slate in 2020. And with the fact that an expected Presidential push in the Philippines needs to begin in late 2021.

Pacquiao may only have a date available in April of next year. That’s before he walks away for good to focus full-time on politics.

Should he run, the ‘Pacman’ is an overwhelming favorite to be sworn in as President in 2022. A promotion from his current role as Senator.

Quite a family.

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