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Home » Boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez shares PPV bill with son Jr. on Sept 25

Boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez shares PPV bill with son Jr. on Sept 25

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Julio Cesar Chavez is set to share a bill with ex-middleweight champion son Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. as a father and son duo all in aid of charity.

Superstar Chávez, and the only Mexican world champion in five divisions, Jorge “Travieso” Arce, will meet for the third time in an exhibition fight on Friday, September 25th.

It`ll be behind closed doors at the Grand Hotel Tijuana, whose live broadcast will be available through the platform.

The organization will follow all the prevention and health protocols of the Tijuana health authorities. Also the World Boxing Council.

During the WBC virtual Convention, both had an interview with the President of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaimán.

He praised the career of each of the protagonists, their contribution to boxing, and recognized the action of getting into a ring to help others.

The “Great Mexican Champion” said that it is a pleasure to help the people who need it most, and reiterated the invitation to fans to support the cause.

“It is an honor, a privilege, to be able to step into the ring to support the people who need it most.

“We are going to support the most need in Tijuana and we are going to support young people with addiction problems we are going to achieve that by offering them a great exhibition in which I am going to beat Travieso ”, assured JC, who has done great preparation.

For his part, the “Travieso” promised to build houses for homeless families in Hermosillo. Not to be outdone, he insisted that Chávez will feel his Picquent power once again.

“We want to fulfill different needs, so the more people get their virtual ticket, the more people will benefit. Now without people, nobody will be able to save the weepy old man, I am going to give him everything, “said Arce.

During the Friday, September 25 in Tijuana, and which will be part of the live broadcast, Julio César Chávez Jr. will, Omar Chavez as well as the nephew of “Travieso”, Karim Arce, will have action too.

At high noon, a special edition of the WBC Talks, heralding the return of the son of legend Julio Cesar Chavéz, who`ll be taking on an undefeated rival, Mario Cázares.

The exhibition of mature vintage skills sets between these two boxing legends, of course, has raised a lot of interest among the fans.

Julio Cesar Chavez

The hallowed names of Julio and Jorge are a solid gold guarantee that there will be a night to remember. However, the fight between Chávez Jr. and Cázares has all the ingredients to steal the show.

Mario, who was the first to speak, emphasizes that boxing is the passion of his life and that the most important thing at this time is to leave a legacy in the sport and become a world champion.

He commented that he has always been a man of challenges and that facing Julio is a great opportunity to demonstrate his potential. Mario is convinced that that night he will victorious, stressing that he has always been a very dedicated and disciplined boxer.

Omar Chavez

Showing all his respect and admiration for the great champion Julio César Chávez, Mario recalled that at the age of eight he faced Omar in an exhibition fight at the Carta Blanca stadium.

Finally, Cázares shared that his love for boxing is so great that for 9 months he lived in a boxing gym in Mexico City, and that today his only purpose is to be an inspiration and example for everyone, plus become a world champion of the WBC.

Motivated and ready to deliver a great fight, Julio assured that he is in the best condition of his life for this fight, which he is aware will be a real war, because, although he recognizes the quality of Cázares, he is convinced that his experience and the desire he has to return to the path of glory, will prove the winning factors.

At this point, Julio César Chávez was forceful in saying that he did not agree very much in the fight with Cázares because he knows of its quality and danger, but he fully trusts that his son is one hundred percent ready for this commitment and that he will show that from 2020 the public will see a new version of Jr.


It`ll be part of the third exhibition fight between the greatest Mexican champion Julio César Chávez and audaciously spectacular and gaudy Jorge Arce.

It should be noted that the event will be held behind closed doors on September 25 at the Las Torres de Tijuana hotel; however.

The fans will be able to enjoy this extravaganza in pay-per-view mode, but via streaming. At this point, it is important to remember that tickets will be available through